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The Albacross Outbound Framework for Sales

The Albacross Outbound Framework is a guide for using the data you get from Albacross in your outbound processes, allowing you to create meaningful outreach that drives opportunities and revenue. Get started now!

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Chapter 1

What is Albacross?

Albacross gives you the unparalleled power to capture companies’ demand and accelerate revenue. Find out how here.

Accelerate Revenue

Chapter 2

Set Your Sales Objectives With Albacross

Learn how to set your objectives to ensure you get the most value from Albacross.

Hit Your Number

Chapter 3

The Albacross Outbound Framework

Discover how to use the intelligence from Albacross to create effective outbound sequences and follow up on leads.

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Chapter 4

The Albacross Outbound Framework #Stage 1 - Set up

Understand how Sales should be involved in the set up of Albacross. Following this, use your Ideal Customer Profile and intent data criteria to determine high priority leads.

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Chapter 5

The Albacross Outbound Framework #Stage 2 - Engage

Learn how to enroll intent leads from Albacross into an outbound sequence of phone calls, emails and Linkedin messaging. Get hints, tips and best practices for gold standard outreach.

Engage in Conversations

Chapter 6

The Albacross Outbound Framework #Stage 3 - Understand

Understand how to monitor and measure Albacross performance and tie these back to your objectives.

Measure success

Chapter 7

Bottom Line - Apply The Albacross Outbound Framework

Get a recap of the steps you need to take to apply the Outbound Framework, enabling you to generate more opportunities and create meaningful outreach. Everytime.

Apply the Framework

The Albacross Outbound Framework for Sales

Learn how to use the Albacross Outbound Framework to create meaningful outreach that result in more opportunities and revenue for your business.