1-to-1 Experience for Every Website Visitor

Your website visitors are not all the same - and their experience on your site shouldn't be either.
Just like running targeted ads for your ideal buyers, you can have a more precise targeting strategy for every website visitor.


Connect Albacross to your personalization tools. Choose an event that triggers personalization.


Create the audience base you'd like to target based on their name, industry, revenue, and more.


Customize website messaging and Chatbot to engage your targeted accounts.

Always Deliver the Perfect Message

Convert more accounts into buyers by greeting them with personalized content.

Present the Right Solutions

Automatically present the most relevant solutions that suit your buyer's industry, company size, and tech stack when they land on your site.

Lower your website bounce rate, increase conversion ratio, and accelerate your revenue growth.

Drive the Right Actions at the Right Time

Alter your CTA and route accounts to different journeys based on their buying intent and lifetime value.

Always ensure high-intent buyers can book a meeting with your sales team directly. Nurture the rest with product demo or educational materials.

Intelligently Monitor Account Engagement

Know how your targeted accounts interact with the personalization by connecting to Google Analytics.

Monitor the conversion ratio and compare it with your baseline numbers.

Improve your personalization segments for higher conversions.

Enable Your Personalization with 100+ Account-Related Data Points

“Albacross makes prospecting far less time consuming for our SDR team – they get the information they need, when and where they
need it”

Christian Weisbrodt

Ex-VP Marketing

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More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

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