The Right Way to Engage Your Ideal Buyers

Analytics Enrichment reveals companies behind your website traffic.
Understand your ideal buyers, optimize marketing strategies, and increase engagement over time. Learn more

Understand your ideal buyers

Monitor the activities of selected accounts or industries over time – traffic source, keywords used, content consumed, and more.

Adjust campaign strategies

Know how your ideal buyers react to marketing campaigns and keywords in real-time. Improve your strategies accordingly before it's too late.

Optimize retargeting

Customize your ads based on targeted account or industry, not website activities. Increase CTR and quality of the website traffic.

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“Albacross dynamically upgrades the data we have in GA with account insights – all I need! It does the whole thing for me.”

Kaylee Edmondson

Director of Demand Generation, Chili Piper

Turn Website Visitors into Opportunities

Personalization Enrichment helps you drive more inbound opportunities from your website
by providing your target accounts with a relevant and customized experience. Learn more

Identify companies visiting your website

Reveal account-level information of website visitors. Build an accurate information base for precise website personalization.

Personalize your website

Greet your ideal buyers with the most relevant content – title, hero image, success case, and more. Engage in the right way the second they land on your site.

Drive the right action at the right time

Redirect accounts to different buyer journeys based on their intent and potential lifetime value.

Tailor targeted chatbot messages for your ideal buyers.

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“The conversion rate is 33% higher than cold outbound leads… Albacross is a new approach and it pays off.”

Louis Uguen

Growth Manager, Spendesk

Accelerate Building Qualified Pipeline

Albacross Intent Data captures accounts in the buying window from your unseen website traffic.
Generate more sales-qualified accounts with up-to-date data points. Learn more

Identify accounts in the buying window

Capture accounts with high buying intent by knowing their industry, revenue, pages viewed, and more. Set different filters to zero in on your ideal customer.

Populate actionable data within CRM

Push qualified accounts directly into your CRM, so your sales reps can take action seamlessly.

Increase sales efficiency

Prioritize your outreach lists based on buying intent, get notified when new ideal customers land on your site, and reach out directly to decision-makers.

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“60% of our sales opportunities are from anonymous website visitors identified through Albacross.”

William Oleksiienko

SDR Team Lead,

Uncover Buying Signals of Existing Accounts

Albacross Intent Data optimizes the value of your existing pipeline, increases conversion,
and reduces churn by monitoring the website activity of your existing accounts. Learn more

Monitor existing accounts

Albacross tracks 3 billion events monthly to give you fresh insights into existing accounts' activities and intent.

Notify your sales team automatically

Notify the account owner when existing accounts are in the buying window.

Re-engage with them instantly and capture every upsell or cross-sell opportunity.

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“Albacross makes prospecting far less time consuming for our SDR team – they get the information they need, when and where they need it.”

Christian Weisbrodt

Ex-VP Marketing, Personio

Products for Data-Driven Companies

Intent Data and Workflows

Identify companies visiting your website and capture the ones that are ready to buy.

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Analytics Enrichment

Understand your ideal buyers, optimize marketing strategies, and increase engagement over time.

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Personalization Enrichment

Increase conversion without the need to increase website traffic via account-based personalization.

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