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Onboarding Plan

Prepare to achieve your revenue goals

This is an example plan to help you understand what you can expect from your Albacross Onboarding service. Your onboarding timeline is set to 90 days. You might complete the plan faster but we’ll be on hand to support right up until the 90th day regardless.

During onboarding, you can expect to define your ideal customer profile, set up tracking for your existing marketing campaigns and determine segments and workflows in Albacross. Whilst these are the areas we typically go over, onboarding is tailored to your goals so we will structure the plan and prioritize objectives to suit your needs.

You’ll work with your own dedicated Customer Success Manager to build a plan that works for you. They’ll be with you every step of the way and offer best practices to help your team achieve their revenue goals with Albacross.

Oleksii Kosenko

Oleksii Kosenko

Customer Success Manager

Week #1


Introduction between Albacross’ dedicated Customer Success Manager and key individuals from your organization.

Clarify and confirm (Customer) structures and goals related to:

  • CRM Structure
  • Marketing Stack
  • Territories, Segments and Divisions
  • Current Process for Lead Generation
  • Current Marketing Campaigns
  • Ideal Customer Profile and Average Order Value
  • Sales Process and Lead Time

Post meeting: CSM to follow up with an onboarding plan based on information gathered.

Special requests, integrations and training may cause changes to the onboarding plan.

Week #2

with Marketing

How to track existing marketing campaigns using Albacross.

Create segments for MQLs and SQLs.

60 minutes

Segment desired contact personas using Albacross contact data of key decision makers and personalise your content according to these personas.

Set up workflows for integrations with CRM, lead nurturing campaigns and advertising platforms etc. to achieve desired outcome.

Week #3

Recap and Check up

Check in to ensure things are running smoothly as planned

Demonstrate Albacross Account Based Marketing (If option is purchased)

Sales education and best practice (if needed).

Week #4

Ready to run?

Follow up on onboarding progress.

Answer any questions about the Albacross platform.

Provide information to the Support Team for minor technical related matters.

Highlight how the Customer Success Manager can help with account related matters such as invoicing, expansion, retraining, new product enquiries and upgrades.

The Support Team is on hand Monday to Friday 8am-8pm CEST for technical related matters.

Finalise onboarding and check in to see how it went. A checklist will be completed.

Book a follow up for 90 days.



Quarterly success meetings during the whole license period is included.

Onboarding is free and included for the first 90 days. After which any additional training will be billed on an hourly basis.

All onboarding can be recorded if you require this for internal training.