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Chapter 1

What is Albacross?

Albacross gives you the unparalleled power to capture companies’ demand and accelerate revenue. Find out how here.

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Albacross’ Revenue Acceleration Platform gives you an unparalleled power to capture companies’ demand and accelerate your revenue.

For Sales Development Representatives and Account Managers, Albacross will:

  • Reveal new business opportunities through intent data.
  • Identify upsell or cross sell opportunities from existing customers.
  • Provide B2B contact data, enabling you to find the right decision makers at target accounts.
  • Enrich the information in your CRM so you have full context on a lead/contact/account.
  • Reduce time spent researching prospective accounts.
  • Help you understand your ideal customers better, enabling you to drive more targeted and personalized sales conversations.

What Albacross is not

Albacross is not a CRM or all-in-one platform. We have created powerful integrations that allow Albacross to work seamlessly with the platforms you already use.

We know it can be difficult to maintain lots of different tools, so we’ve purposely designed Albacross to be the data source that enhances your existing technology stack.

Typically our customers will connect Albacross with Hubspot CRM, Salesforce and Slack. We also have integrations with Outreach, Salesloft, Microsoft Teams, Pipedrive and many more enabled through Zapier. Of course, if you prefer not to integrate Albacross with other systems, that’s fine too. You can simply export the data to Email Reports, Google Sheets or similar.

Why Albacross?

The B2B buyer journey is notoriously complex. The once sequential progression of buyer stages is long gone, replaced by non-linear buying tasks that need to be completed to make a purchase. This makes it hard for sales people to do their job.

As the buyer journey is now almost exclusively online it means buyers can research independently, making them anonymous to sales reps.

The long and short of it is buyers are no longer spending as much time interacting with reps, meaning reps don’t get the opportunity to influence buying decisions as much as they used to.

In fact, research from Gartner finds that B2B buyers spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers when considering a purchase.

For salespeople, the lack of insight about buyers, who’s who in the buying group and where they are in the buying journey makes it difficult to know who to reach out to, when and with what message.

It also makes it harder for sales to provide good customer experiences due to limited transparency.

Albacross shines the light on the anonymous buyer journey, helping you identify high value accounts that have the potential to increase revenue earlier on in the journey.

Albacross allows SDRs to find and connect with the right people at the right time, prioritize accounts who visited their website and move leads down the funnel and into the hands of Account Executives faster.

Who should be involved from Sales in the implementation of Albacross?

If you’re going to increase revenue potential and expand your customer base with Albacross, you need to align people, processes and technology. That starts with ensuring the correct stakeholders are involved in the sales and onboarding process.

Sales Manager/SDR Team Lead

As a Sales Manager/SDR Team Lead you will need to oversee the implementation of Albacross into your tech stack. Work with your SDRs to define the requirements around lead management and how Albacross will work with your existing processes.

Typically, marketing will be responsible for the technical set up of the Albacross tracking script as well as integrations with your CRM and communication/collaboration platform i.e. Slack. Since your sales team will be working with Albacross data on a day to day basis, you need to inform marketing of the best way to receive the information so that your sales team can prioritize and take action on it in a timely manner.


Depending on the structure and capacity of your sales team, you may have either SDRs or BDRs actively using Albacross data*. We recommend that you include 1-2 team members in the onboarding process who can provide feedback once they have used Albacross and can inform you of any tweaks required by the process.

*For the purposes of this guide, we’ll use SDRs as the role which handles Albacross data.

What can you expect from your onboarding?

Your Albacross onboarding will be conducted by your dedicated Customer Success Manager (depending on which plan you’re on). In your introductory onboarding session, your CSM will typically cover the areas stated below, although onboarding is tailored to your goals so we will structure the plan and prioritize objectives to suit your needs.

  • CRM structure
  • Territories, segments and divisions
  • Current processes for lead generation
  • Ideal Customer Profile and average order value
  • Sales process and lead time

In the second onboarding session, you’ll discuss requirements for applicable integrations and receive best practices on how to follow up with Albacross leads using outbound sequences.

Following your onboarding, your CSM will schedule additional success sessions to see how you’re progressing. These sessions are highly personalized based on your business strategies, focused on feature requests you may have, best practice advice and brainstorming of ideas for how you can achieve continued value from Albacross.

The Albacross Outbound Framework for Sales

Learn how to use the Albacross Outbound Framework to create meaningful outreach that result in more opportunities and revenue for your business.