Chosen by 10,000+ B2B companies in over 150 countries

Turn IP Addresses
Into Accurate Company

  • Superior API agility of 200ms response time
  • Dynamic mapping and refresh of the database for a reliable IP lookup in work from home times
  • Albacross has the largest IP-to-company mapping database globally with 15+ million companies

Firmographic Data To
Drive Growth

  • Turn IP addresses into 100+ B2B attributes, including Company Name, Industry, Address, Revenue, Employee Count, and more
  • Full control over the number of matching companies returned by the API, pay only for the matches you get.
  • Data is fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws
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Tap Into The Most
Accurate Data
In B2B

  • Records are automatically updated once changes are detected;
  • Unmatched API reliability with 100% uptime in 2022.
  • Unique AI and Machine learning technology to ensure data quality and accuracy.

Why 10,000+ B2B Companies
Choose Our IP Intelligence

Albacross built the largest proprietary IP-to-company mapping data network in Europe

Today, we track 3 billion events monthly, identifying 1000's of companies for our customers

Power your sales and marketing tools
with IP intelligence

Explore how you can benefit from Albacross IP data

For advertising platforms

Power your advertising platform with comprehensive account-level data. You can deliver IP targeted ABM campaigns while also showing your customers the companies interacting with their campaigns.

Improve your sales processes

Let your sales team to match IP address to company name to better prioritize leads and customize their outreach by filling in the gaps in your sales leads.

Personalize customer experiences

Provide personalized experiences by customizing your ad campaigns, site, emails, chatbots, and more with Albacross's firmographic data.

Power your tech stack

Integrate Albacross firmographic data into your existing tech stack to power data-driven decisions across your organization