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B2B Marketing is Full of Laughs

Not that long ago B2B marketing received an influx of humor. And it’s been really hilarious at times, but in the same time it’s actually quite a good thing for the niche, as it introduces more fun and creativity into everyday life of a B2B marketer.

It could be difficult to reject the idea that B2B reps have to always be serious, professional, and inoffensively indifferent. However, if you want your content to stand out among the rest, it’s necessary to take it easy and not be afraid to laugh.

So, considering all of the above, here are some of brand new jokes that can only be understood by a B2B rep.

Q: Why did the B2B marketing band have an unplugged gig?

A: They didn’t want to pay for amplification.

It’s crucial to know, if your target audience prefers “Wheel in the Sky” or “Don’t Stop Believing.” It is significant to comprehend your customer’s Journey.

Q: How does a B2B marketer make her boat float?

A: It’s all about the sail’s force.

Q: Why did the B2B rep give a lollipop to his pet owl?

A: He wanted to sweeten the hoots.

I’m trying to gather a group of cool kids that still use notebooks. It is small at the moment, but I’m optimizing my paper clique strategy.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

Our new eBook!

Our new eBook, who?

Make sure to fill out the following 22 fields and download this punchline for FREE.

Q: Why did the CMO put a barrier around her jewelry chest?

A: She insists on gating all her assets.

Q: Why did the B2B marketer get fired from a film director’s position?

A: His calls to action were too weak.

I’ve only started a company to build awareness for fishing, tennis, and volleyball. It’s a rather small operation, but my net promoter score is really high.

Bad B2B marketers are great at making butter – their churn rates are quite high.

Q: Why does the B2B marketing band only have back vocals?

A: They’re having a hard time finding qualified leads.

Q: What’s the favorite zoo animal of a B2B marketer?

A: The inbound lynx.

B2B marketers are so wary that they wouldn’t slam a fly without performing a thorough swat analysis.

Q: How many account-based marketers do you need to screw in a light-bulb?

A: Just one, but Sales reps will surely take the credit for it.

I wrote and posted an SEO-driven blog post about pancakes. It tops the Maple SERP.

Q: Why are B2B holiday gifts so boring to look at?

A: They use white paper for wrapping only.

I began a whisper campaign for my last B2B customer. Although it had high relevance, its volume was low.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

Long-tail keywords!

Long-tail keywords who?

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Q: Why did the preacher get a B2B marketing MBA?

A: To increase his conversion rate.

Why is it called sales enablement and not BANT-Aid?

Q: How do you market your B2B solution to a company that manufactures cat food?

A: Develop your purrrrr-sonas.

Laugh or Not…

Nevertheless, content has more potential in compelling action, if it engages the reader on a deeper, emotional level. Although this may be tricky, when it’s about B2B content, humor can actually be an important tool for establishing a connection with the audience, no matter how dry the subject matter is.

Hopefully, these jokes did inspire all or some of you to add more purrrrr-sonality (you saw, what I did there, right?) to your content. If you have some of your own jokes you’d like to share, please do in the comment section.

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