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Chapter 6

The Albacross Outbound Framework #Stage 3 - Understand

Understand how to monitor and measure Albacross performance and tie these back to your objectives.

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We highlighted in a previous chapter the importance of setting objectives for Albacross. To measure the platform’s performance against those objectives, you need to define specific metrics your revenue teams (marketing and sales) are accountable for.

The number one tip here is that you track the progress of intent leads throughout the ENTIRE sales cycle.

After all, acquiring qualified leads through Albacross is great. However, if they don’t progress through the sales cycle and result in closed deals, you’re not getting the desired ROI.

We know you’re likely to track performance in your marketing automation and CRM systems. We recommend you incorporate Albacross performance into those dashboards.

At Albacross, we use Hubspot. So we’re tracking intent leads from Albacross here.

Here’s what our dashboard looks like.

We track how many contacts were created within Hubspot as a result of Albacross. Then we identify how many of those contacts progressed to the opportunity stage. Finally, we track how many of those opportunities turned into closed deals - essentially how many customers we acquired.

Measuring performance in this way will help you measure against your objectives.

It’s also worth assigning a value to those opportunities and closed deals so you can track how much additional revenue you’re achieving with Albacross.

These are the unified metrics your marketing and sales teams should co-own.

In addition to these metrics, your sales team can track:

  • Email response rate - what percentage of your SDRs emails are being responded to?
  • Email open rate - what percentage of your SDRs emails are being opened?
  • CTR for CTAs - what is the click through rate for your main call to actions in your SDRs emails?
  • Time spent on phone - how long are your SDRs spending on the phone?
  • No. of dials - how many calls do your SDRs make daily?
  • No. of LI connections - how many people did your SDRs connect with on LinkedIn?
  • Intro meeting/demo booked - how many meetings did your SDRs book?
  • AE meeting booked - how many meetings did your SDRs pass to Account Executives?

These metrics are easily tracked in your CRM. In addition, if you’re using a sales engagement platform like Outreach and Salesloft you will also be able to track some of these metrics. You will simply need to isolate the data points which are relevant to Albacross in order to measure the performance of the platform.

The Albacross Outbound Framework for Sales

Learn how to use the Albacross Outbound Framework to create meaningful outreach that result in more opportunities and revenue for your business.