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Chapter 2

Set Your Sales Objectives With Albacross

Learn how to set your objectives to ensure you get the most value from Albacross.

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Like with any new platform, system or tool you onboard, outlining what you’re trying to achieve and identifying the problem you’re trying to solve is always the first step.

It’s likely you’ve been tasked with increasing opportunities and revenue. Gather these figures to help get you started.

  • How many leads are your SDRs qualifying/month?
  • How many booked meetings are your SDRs scheduling with AEs?
  • What’s your monthly close rate? How many of those leads become opportunities and closed deals?
  • What’s your average deal size?

Now, how much do you need to increase these figures to achieve your goal?

You can use this example to set your objectives for Albacross.

A company has:

  • An average deal size of €10,000
  • An average SQL to Opportunity conversion rate of 20%
  • An average close rate of 60%

The Company wants to increase revenue by €30,000 per month.

To reach their goal, they need to win 3 more deals, send 5 more proposals and gain 10 extra opportunities (10 booked meetings with an AE). To create those additional opportunities they need 50 more SQLs generated from Albacross.

Setting your objectives with Albacross is vital to understanding the ROI you can achieve with the platform. It also gives you the ability to create the most effective feedback loop with marketing to understand the value you’re creating as one revenue team.

Monetization aside, it’s worth considering the level of training SDRs will need in Albacross. Training will depend on how you use the platform. If you set up integrations with other tools, meaning SDRs don’t need to enter the platform, training will be minimal. If you choose to have SDRs going into Albacross on a day to day basis to access contact details, a higher level of training will be required.

Set yourself a deadline as part of your objectives for when all SDRs should be onboarded and using Albacross.

The Albacross Outbound Framework for Sales

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