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Chapter 7

Bottom Line - Apply The Albacross Outbound Framework

Get a recap of the steps you need to take to apply the Outbound Framework, enabling you to generate more opportunities and create meaningful outreach. Everytime.

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We live in a complex digital world. With the buyer journey now almost exclusively online, buyers research independently making them anonymous to sales reps.

Applying the Albacross Outbound Framework allows you to overcome this challenge. By identifying potential buyers earlier in the buyer journey, you’re able to connect with and influence key decision makers.

In this guide, we’ve detailed the steps you need to take to apply the Outbound Framework. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Decide who needs to be involved from Sales in the implementation of Albacross— Sales Manager, SDRs
  • Set your objectives for Albacross— how many additional opportunities do you need to generate from Albacross to achieve your revenue goal?

#1 Set up

  • Work with marketing on defining your Ideal Customer Profile and buying intent criteria.
  • Find a sales engagement platform that works for you.
  • Define the lead management process for intent leads. What format will you receive them in? Who will receive them? How will they be assigned? What data specifically will be sent from Albacross?
  • Create an SLA between marketing and sales

#2 Engage

  • Set expectations for your SDR team around follow up. There’s still work to be done to qualify intent leads!
  • Create your outbound and nurture sequences based on your ICP, persona and intent activity.
  • Prioritize intent leads.
  • Use Albacross data to craft personalized messages that are meaningful.

#3 Understand

  • Measure the success of Albacross— assess how many contacts you created in your CRM and of those contacts how many progressed to opportunity stage and then to closed deal. Remember these metrics should be co-owned by your revenue teams.
  • In addition to these metrics, your sales team should be measuring open and response rates, number of dials and LinkedIn connections as well as meetings booked (both with SDRs and AEs).
  • Create a dashboard within your CRM/Sales engagement platform that isolates Albacross data so you can get an accurate picture of performance, enabling you to calculate the true ROI of the platform.

Don’t forget to download a copy of The Albacross Outbound Framework to share with your Sales team.


The Albacross Outbound Framework for Sales

Learn how to use the Albacross Outbound Framework to create meaningful outreach that result in more opportunities and revenue for your business.