Maximize Your Influence on Key Accounts

Spend your ad budget on relevant accounts only

Narrow down to your target audience and run banner ad campaigns worldwide.
Pay only for what matters - gain impressions from your key accounts and increase your brand awareness.

Influence all stakeholders

Stay top of mind during long and complicated sales cycles.
Increase your presence towards the 80% of internal stakeholders who influence the purchase decisions.

"I strongly believe that the ABM campaigns we ran with Albacross contributed to the success of winning two of our key accounts, deals worth $1.3 million combined. The campaigns have also helped us get in contact with new decision-makers at those target accounts."

Anna Ekerling

Marketing Manager, Proact

Launching Campaigns Is Not Rocket Science

Use our self-service platform to launch and monitor your campaigns within minutes.
Get support from our dedicated AdOps team throughout your campaign.

Choose your target accounts

Upload a list of preselected accounts or use filters to find relevant targets in our database.

Customize your campaign

Pick your budget and campaign length, and upload the ads for your audience.

Evaluate the results

Manage and measure your campaigns directly within your analytics dashboard.

You’re Not Adding a Tool to Your Tech Stack,
You’re Investing in the Outcome

Check how you can grow faster with Albacross.

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Karel Boers
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Albacross is a platform that is simple to use and easy to roll out. It is the perfect solution for us to boost our conversion rate.

We have been able to convert more of our traffic into customers. This has enabled our marketing team to demonstrate the real value of Riwal’s website and marketing activities that drive demand.

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Gauvain Thery
International Growth Accelerator Manager

Usually, our conversion rate is at about 6%, and with accounts enriched by Albacross Intent Data, we can get 11% conversion rate. That’s 83% higher.

Albacross Intent Data has become an important part of our Intent Signals project to capture the immediate attention of Tier A+ accounts so that their interest isn’t lost.

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More than 10,000 companies are using Albacross
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More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

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