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Advertise to companies before they know who you are. Identify and connect with high-value leads. We help you get your ads in front of the right people. Don’t aimlessly serve ads, see what Albacross can do for you.

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Albacross Account Based Marketing

Choose Your Audience
Choose Your Audience
Search and filter any company in the world or upload your own lead lists.
Sort by size, industry, revenue, or geography
industry and geography.
to help you target high-value leads.
Premium Publishers
Premium Publishers
Our programmatic advertising solution
secures that your ads only will be
published through premium publishers,
in the best performing ad formats and
with 100% viewailibilty.
Real-Time Reporting
Real-Time Reporting
Follow your campaign in our campaign
dashboard where you will see every
interaction made by any company in your
target audience. Views, clicks, CTR,
publishers on campaign and company

How Account Based Marketing Works

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Here’s What Our Customers Say

Great tool for use to us! Albacross gives us an agency a very clear and powerful offer to our B2B advertisers.
Albacross tells me exactly which companies that visits our webpage. It gives us leads with direct contact information. On top of that, great live chat for any support questions!
I’ve been using Albacross since the very beginning. My company Infoservice used to pay for website tracking before but now Albacross gives us more identified leads and its actually free. Easy to setup and great user interface that gives us quality leads every day. Try it out 👍🏻
Great product. Great team
Utmärkt verktyg, rekommenderas!
Great platform! I have already got leads to reach out to after just a couple of days :). Cant say anything else than give it 5 stars. Great work guys!!
Easy simple to use and great support. Thanks Kate.
Very useful in identifying otherwise anonymous traffic especially for B2B companies such as ours. Great UX with clean and data visualized in an easy to understand way. Keep rolling out new features and enhancements regularly. And a very friendly support team who respond quickly and do their best to keep us satisfied. I would whole heartedly recommend Albacross to any B2B organization.
Great platform with clear and unique functions! Really liked to use it!
Easy to understand.Great marketing strategy.I Like the work!
Ett enkelt verktyg, snygg layout och trevlig support!

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Free to use. Easy set-up. No credit card required.