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How to Capture Demand and Accelerate Revenue

Learn how to unify marketing and sales to capture more of your existing demand, generate more opportunities and accelerate revenue generation for your business.

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Chapter 1


What do marketing and sales teams have in common? Find out here.

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Chapter 2

Align Your Marketing and Sales

Learn how to define unified metrics for marketing and sales that drive a primary goal: revenue.

Align Your Teams

Chapter 3

The Anonymous B2B Buyer Journey

Find out how to increase opportunities that generate more revenue by identifying B2B buyers earlier in the journey.

Identify B2B Buyers

Chapter 4

Capture Unidentified Demand on Your Website

Use your Ideal Customer Profile and intent data to recognise unidentified demand on your website. Find out how here.

Capture Demand

Chapter 5

Why you Need a Demand Acceleration Framework

Demand intelligence equals increased revenue potential. Learn more about what demand intelligence can do for marketers and salespeople.

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Chapter 6

Optimize Lead Hand off Between Marketing & Sales

Learn what an Intent lead is, how to get more of them and the best way to organize your lead management hand off process.

Optimize Lead Handoff

Chapter 7

The Tools you Need to Succeed

Learn what the essential tools are to capture demand and increase revenue potential on your website.

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Chapter 8

Create a Feedback Loop Between Marketing & Sales

Find out what the perfect revenue-driven feedback loop between marketing and sales looks like.

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Chapter 9

Get Started With Demand Acceleration Today

Demand Acceleration allows you to capture more of the existing demand you're generating on your website which equals more opportunities, more revenue.

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How to Capture Demand and Accelerate Revenue for Your Business

Capture more of your existing demand without spending more budget