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Get the eBook That's Raising Demand Gen to the Next Level

So you’re generating a pretty good return on inbound. But what happens when you exhaust your marketing channels with the budget you have and only see a slight increase in demand month on month? If you’re anything like us, you always want more. More qualified leads, more meetings booked, and more revenue.

Relying solely on inbound conversions is a mistake that could cost you qualified leads. Qualified leads that are on your website right now.

In this eBook, we show you how to convert the unconverted: a new found demand gen strategy that could help you book 20% more meetings by simply identifying and prospecting your ideal customers visiting your website who didn’t convert via your inbound stream.

You’ll learn:

  • How to strengthen your ideal customer profile to optimise for growth
  • How to recognise the buying intent from the people on your website
  • A step-by-step framework to increase conversion
    of your anonymous website visitors
  • Concrete examples of how we used this framework
    to increase our SQL's to opportunities
    by 17% in one month

About the Authors

Vikto Carlsson

Viktor Carlsson

VP Sales & Co-Founder at Albacross

Viktor is responsible for developing the commercial strategy within Albacross including growth with sales, success and partnerships.

Marcus Svensson

Marcus Svensson

Head of Growth at Albacross

Marcus is responsible for developing the marketing strategy as well as driving high-quality demand.