Become an Albacross Partner

Become an Albacross partner and help your customers level up
their marketing and sales performance. Uncover intent and
increase engagement and conversion across the full buyers’ funnel.

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Set Your Customer’s Revenue Growth on Autopilot with Albacross

What outcomes can your customers achieve with the addition of Albacross products to their marketing and sales stack?

Intent Data and Workflows

Help your customers start more qualified sales conversations by identifying in-market ideal buyers visiting their website.

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Analytics Enrichment

Optimise your customer's marketing strategies based on relevant data by adding B2B insights to their analytics software.

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Personalization Enrichment

Increase your customer's conversion rate without having to increase website traffic with firmographic-based website personalization.

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Account Based Marketing

Maximize your customer’s influence on their key accounts by running account-based ads on 90% of ad space globally.

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Albacross Partner Types

Albacross looks to work with like-minded partners who above all else care for their customers’ success.
Successful relationships can be built in multiple ways, which is why we offer multiple partnership types.

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Licensing Solution Partner

Know companies that are looking to strengthen their marketing and
sales processes?

Refer potential customers to Albacross services. Albacross will perform
the sale, onboarding, and ongoing support activities for the customer.

You will receive compensation for the referral made and helping
Albacross add another logo to its portfolio.

Solution Services Partner

Offer services that would be complemented and enhanced by data and insights from Albacross?

Refer customers to Albacross - we will perform the sale and get the
customer up and running with the platform.

Increase value created for the customer by offering your services in combination with the data and insights the customer gains from

Managed Services Partner

Work with clients whose sales and marketing strategies would benefit
from the addition of Albacross products, managed by you?

Receive partner education and onboarding from Albacross to navigate
your way around the solutions.

Find suitable customers for the Albacross offering and perform the sale, onboarding, and support activities with the help of resources from

Technology Solution Partner

Have a software solution that would benefit from the addition of
Albacross data?

Build out integrations and workflows between your solution and

Ease the way customers can improve their sales and marketing
processes through your solutions strengthened with Albacross data.

Albacross and SUXXEED share the same target groups -
we help fast-growing B2B companies and large corporates
become even more successful. We also share the same mindset:
being outcome-oriented, passionate, and agile.
Albacross is an innovative solution, and the collaboration
with the Albacross team is easy, fun, and absolutely goal-oriented.

Thomas Grimm

- Managing Director of SUXXEED

See How You Can Partner with Albacross

More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

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More than 11,321 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

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