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Here’s What Our Customers Say

Socialsenze - Mattias Persson CEO
“We’re booking a few new sales meetings every week thanks to leads from Albacross.”

We used analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook and Linkedin. The problem was that none of them told us anything about the actual traffic, which companies are visiting us? What’s the value of the traffic we’re driving to our page? We wanted to understand this.

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ProveSource - Yosi Dahan CEO
“It took only two or three days to get him as a customer. This was the second week we used Albacross.”

We wanted a nice addition to our marketing strategy, just to understand who is visiting our website and from which company.

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ParcelParcel - Carlos de Vos CEO
“It’s easy to use and the database its a lot larger than the the Dutch company we used before”

First, I used another company from Holland. They were pretty expensive and I was just looking around for other similar products and then I came across Albacross.

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Statum - Alexander Kragh CMO
“We have tripled our clients in just 2 months and have had to stop our Accounts manager from doing more sales…”

We wanted to know if our marketing activities were successful and if we attracted the right companies. We had a lot of relevant leads, but we saw that no one signed up for our CTAs.

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