Track all companies visiting your website!

We offer a B2B digital marketing tool that allows you (for free!) to identify the companies that are visiting your website. With our tool we helping thousands of customers convert their visitors to businesses.

Website Tracking – Turn your website visitors into hot leads and track their actions.
Trusted by 4000+ companies

What our customers have to say about us

”The ability to pinpoint what company to reach, with what message and the ability to follow up on their activity is unique and very effective ability in the world of B2B marketing.”

Fredrik Reinius, Marketing Director, Cygate

”Albacross helps us find companies showing interest in us. I have created an account for each of our account managers. In this way they get net hot leads every week. We have increased our sales to new customers by 32% thanks to this.”

Roger HallCEO, Infoservice

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