Episode 23: Charlotte Johnson

SDR at SalesLoft

Episode 22: Sophie Glaser

VP Marketing at Vimcar

Episode 21: Jessica Dahan

VP of Global Marketing at Userlane

Episode 20: Mark P. Jung

VP Marketing at Dooly

Episode 19: Neil Bhuiyan

Founder of HappySelling.io

Episode 18: Adam Holmgren

Head of Demand Generation at GetAccept

Episode 17: Dario Schierloh

Team Lead Sales Development

Episode 16: Tobias Arns

CMO at Kindly

Episode 15: Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist

Episode 14: Guillaume Moubeche

CEO & Co-founder at Lemlist

Episode 13: Devin Reed

Head of Content Strategy

Episode 12: Florin Tatulea

Senior Sales Development Manager

Episode 11: Danny Luu

Marketing Program Specialist

Episode 10: Kyle Coleman

VP, Revenue Growth & Enablement

Episode 9: Lauren Wadsworth

VP, Global Sales Development

Episode 8: David Klein

VP Marketing

Episode 7: Tobias Knieper

Marketing Manager

Episode 6: Florence Broderick


Episode 5: Matthew Roberts

Sales Development

Episode 4: Magdalena Prantl

Demand Generation Manager

Episode 3: James Meincke

Head of Marketing

Episode 2: Christian Weisbrodt


Episode 1: Konrad Preuninger

Account Executive

Our Hosts

Jan Benedikt Mundorf
Team Lead Revenue Development

“Working in sales, I have met many people who don’t understand the value of BDRs and even more BDRs who are eager to know their prospects better.

This is when I realized that we need to bring our space closer together. Here comes this interview series – a place where you can step out of your bubble, understand how Revenue Leaders think, feel, and act, and ultimately bring your professional life to the next level.”

Marcus Svensson
Head of Growth

“The business world is changing every day, especially in B2B SaaS. You either learn and adapt quickly, or you are falling behind.

This is exactly why I want to create this knowledge-sharing community where you can get the scoop of what's hot in the industry and find actionable takeaways to cut through the noise and stand out.”

Jan & Marcus's Vision:

“Have you ever felt stuck at work?

Questions like “How can I be better at my job? Is there any better way to solve it? I wonder how she/he managed to do so?” keep you up at night.

We have been there as well.

That’s why we started interviewing industry leaders who have successfully built their businesses, stand out from the crowd, and are generous to share their experiences.

You don’t need to go through this journey alone – Here, you can find everything from actionable tactics to their passions and interests.

If you want to be a part of the interview, have someone in mind for the video, or want to hear some external opinions about your strategies, drop us a message on LinkedIn and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.

Cheers and let's win as one!

Marcus and Jan.”