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About Albacross

We’re on a mission to build a global network of B2B intelligence, accessible through products that champion customer value and innovation.

Albacross is the Revenue Acceleration platform that gives you an unparalleled power to capture companies’ demand and accelerate your revenue.

Our Mission

To build a global network of B2B demand, growth and sales intelligence, accessible through products that champion customer value and innovation.

Our Belief

We believe every marketer and salesperson has a right to have the insight that helps them do their job better.

We’ve seen in our own organization the power intelligence can have on each individual marketer and salesperson as well as the positive impact it has on the wider revenue team. We want to spread that power far and wide.

That's why we’re on a mission to build a global network of intelligence that provides revenue teams with the insight and efficiency they need to capture demand, make a meaningful difference to their prospects/customers and ultimately accelerate revenue for their business.

Our Solution

We are first and foremost a data company. When we launched Albacross, we released our product for free which enabled us to build the largest proprietary IP-to-company mapping data network in Europe. Today, we track 3 billion events monthly, identifying 1000’s of companies for our customers.

Our values help us win as one team

Customer Obsessed

We genuinely care about our customers and recognize that we only succeed when they succeed.

Be agile

We move quickly and stay nimble.

Will to win

We hire ambitious, driven people who are masters in their specialist areas.

Always improve

We maintain our ability to welcome change and improve, always.

Win as One Team

We deliver value to our customers through great teamwork and collaboration.

Have fun

We work hard and reward ourselves with taking the time to celebrate our successes together.

Our Story

After completing his studies in Economics and having been involved in various startups, our CEO, Victor Ekelund, met his co-founders Viktor Carlsson and Jakub Grzesiak through Stockholm meetups, where he was introduced to the world of data and intelligence. Together, the founders realised they all shared one common frustration— the distinct lack of efficiency and insight in the B2B market.

All three founders, having previously built their own startups knew the pain of growing a business, specifically the pain revenue teams (marketers and salespeople) faced every day— unidentified traffic, separating the good leads from the bad and generating demand with limited budgets. For salespeople, long sales cycles, incorrect contact details and cold, impersonalized calls and emails were the norm. All of these challenges resulted in one thing - the inability to grow revenue for their business.

They set out to build a network of intelligence data that would provide better transparency. They built a proprietary IP-to-company mapping database that would supply revenue teams with company and contact information on the companies visiting their website so they could identify demand and reach their most important accounts.

They went on to release the first Albacross product, Account Based Marketing, for free. They were able to sign up more users which allowed them to collect more data, increasing the size of the network which, in turn meant they could identify more companies and revenue opportunities for customers.

This strategy of helping Albacross grow so that their customers could grow was a massive success and in February 2017, the founders received private funding from investors at Facebook, Spotify and Truecaller. They then went on to raise seed investment from Luminar Ventures in May 2018.

Albacross has since evolved into the’ Revenue Acceleration platform it is today. We bring together revenue teams to accelerate the entire conversion to revenue cycle. We help capture demand, expedite the sales process and create personalized experiences across the entire buyer journey.

Leading companies are using Albacross’ intelligence solutions to reveal unidentified demand, uncover opportunities to upsell or cross sell to existing customers, and find the right decision makers at target accounts.

Albacross now helps over 10,000 companies generate more opportunities and increase revenue faster.

Life at Albacross

Our team is made up of a diverse group of talented people from all over the world. We’re masters in our specialist areas and we’re committed to our purpose. We hold ourselves accountable to our individual commitments but we know that ultimately we deliver value to our customers through a will to win as one team.

Albacross was founded on knowledge sharing and we see the workplace as an open forum to learn and improve by never being afraid to ask questions and contribute ideas. We strongly believe in allowing each and every team member to grasp learning opportunities and we give them the freedom to run with their ideas, no matter how crazy they are!

When we’re not coding, selling or helping our customers achieve great things, we’re playing the guitar, gaming, spending time outdoors or enjoying a cold beverage.

Meet some of the team

" To me, Albacross feels like the family home I grew up in - a place where you’re always encouraged to take opportunities to learn, improve and try something new."

Mithila Quader
Finance and Legal Manager

" For a long time, I wanted to become a teacher like my parents are because what motivates me is to motivate others. I have always been astounded by the sheer amount of motivation shown by the Albacross team and that’s why I continue to work here."

Oleksii Kosenko
Customer Success Manager

" For me, my love of design thinking is not that much different than forming a band. It’s all about creating something that’s meaningful for people. At Albacross, we’re on our way to building an orchestra - that’s when the music really gets beautiful."

Oskar Johnson Hägglund
Head of Product

" I love that I can directly influence the direction of the Albacross product and have the freedom to organize my work and choose the right tools to do the job. Add to that a team of amazing world-class developers and you get the perfect combination. That’s pretty rare!"

Konrad Miękus
Software Engineer

" For me, Albacross has an inspiring vision and ambitious goals on how to help customers grow their business. Among such an amazing team, working here brings me joy, satisfaction and lessons learned every day."

Jakub Grzesiak
Co-Founder & VP Engineering