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Salesforce for Albacross

We know Salesforce is the engine that powers your customer interactions. That’s why we’ve developed an integration that let’s Albacross add and update lead and contact information of website visitors directly in Salesforce to give your Sales team the intelligence they need to move prospects down the funnel and close more deals.

What’s more, the integration enables you to automatically fill your Sales team’s pipeline with companies that have shown buying intent on your website. That means your sales team can prioritize inbound leads based on engagement and make prospecting more efficient.

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Get the intelligence you need to hit your quota

One of your target accounts is showing buying intent on your website — great! Now, take a look at the Opportunity in Salesforce to see how long their session duration was and how many times they visited your site. This gives you an indication of how much buying intent they have and helps your Sales team prioritize their outreach. You can also check which pages they visited so you can drive more targeted conversations around their product/service of interest.

Ensure your Sales Reps never miss a lead

Automatically send accounts who visited your site and match your ideal customer profile to Salesforce in real time. Create Opportunities and assign an Account Owner to ensure your most qualified leads are followed up on in good time.

“Salesforce is the hub of our customer interactions so having enriched data on the companies visiting our website directly in our CRM is hugely beneficial for our SDR team. It makes prospecting far less time consuming and provides them with the information they need, when and where they need it. From a technical standpoint, the integration was easy to implement and the support from the Albacross team was fantastic.”

Christian Weisbrodt

VP Marketing,

Enrich Salesforce with fresh data

The two way sync between Salesforce and Albacross means we add, update and enrich your data in your CRM— the single source of truth. That means your Sales team will always be working with the most accurate, current company and contact information— no duplicates, no outdated records.

Leverage the data you need to qualify more leads similar to your ideal customer profile - get insights on industry, number of employees, revenue, location, technologies used and more.

Reduce research time when prospecting

Fetch lead and contact information directly in Salesforce so your Sales Reps can spend less time researching prospects, more time engaging in valuable conversations that convert leads into Accounts and Opportunities.

Connect with the right decision makers at target accounts. Filter by job title, department or location and reach out from Salesforce.

Invite members of your team to Albacross

Give members of your team access to the Albacross platform, so they can open links to view lead profiles and prospect new opportunities.

Set user permissions so team members can find new contacts for decision makers at target accounts and view company/activity data without enabling access to the rest of the application.