Salesforce for Albacross

We know Salesforce is the engine that powers your customer interactions. That’s why we’ve developed an integration that lets Albacross add and update lead, contact, and account information of website visitors directly in Salesforce. This gives your Sales team the intelligence they need to move accounts down the funnel and close more deals.

What’s more, the integration enables you to automatically fill your Sales team’s pipeline with accounts that have shown buying intent on your website. That means your sales team can prioritize accounts based on engagement and make prospecting more efficient.

Capture Demand Straight into Salesforce

Ease your workload and avoid wasting time on manual data entry. Automatically create new account and contact records in Salesforce when your ideal buyers have visited your website.

Assign Account Owners based on firmographic and activity insights and notify them of the new accounts.

You'll have insights about which of your products and solutions the accounts have shown intent in, as well as decision-makers to reach out to, directly at your fingertips.

Categorize Level of Intent and Prioritize Outreach

Create segments that reflect your ideal buyers and different levels of intent based on the accounts' website activity.

Sync the segments to Salesforce. Determine the relevant outreach approach based on the level of intent they have shown.

Focus on conversations with accounts with the highest intent, and increase sales velocity.

“Albacross makes prospecting far less time consuming for our SDR team – they get the information they need, when and where they need it”

Christian Weisbrodt

VP Marketing

Update Existing Records with New Insights

Update firmographic information of your existing accounts or enrich them with new activity insights.

Notify Account Owners when their accounts are showing learning or buying intent so they never miss an opportunity to re-engage.

Arm them with the insights of the specific activity of the account and enable them to have targeted conversations and move the account down the funnel.

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