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Personalization platform
Ninetailed logo

Ninetailed is an API-first platform that builds perfect audiences and creates real-time omnichannel personalization experiences to optimize the customer journey without performance trade-offs.

Thanks to Ninetailed’s composable-first approach and easy integrations, you can integrate it to major headless CMSs in less than 10 minutes via SDKs and plugins for key frameworks.

Andy Kaiser's photo
Andy Kaiser

CEO and Co-Founder


Strategy, Tech & Digital Services consultancy
Exxeta logo

Exxeta is a digital consultancy focused on Strategy & Transformation and Tech & Digital Services. Driven by passion for innovation, Exxeta develops and implements digital data-based and customer-centric strategies and solutions to create real impact for your business.

Stefanie Kober's photo
Stefanie Kober

Director Digital Marketing


Marketing & Business development consultancy
Revnuu logo

We look to help customers to streamline their Demand Generation & Marketing processes by using next-generation tools like the Albacross offering to give companies a competitive advantage in this digital transformative age.

Tinotenda Chanakira's photo
Tinotenda Chanakira

CEO & Founder


Personalization platform
Personyze logo

Personyze is a comprehensive personalization solution that allows you to create a highly tailored cross-channel digital experience for target accounts. Using integrated data from Albacross combined with detailed first-party ehavioral and other data already tracked by Personyze, you can create a unique experience ensuring high conversion and retention rates in a B2B/ABM context.

Jonathan Riley's photo
Jonathan Riley

Account Manager


External sales channel
Suxxeed logo

SUXXEED acts as an external sales channel, winning new clients or growing the customer base with existing clients. Transparency is not yet revenue. SUXXEED transforms pportunities into business. Long-term partnerships with clients such as Vodafone, Siemens or Cisco prove our point.

Thomas Grimm's photo
Thomass Grimm

Managing Director


Digital media agency
Advisory logo

Advisory is a digital media agency that helps businesses in South of Sweden increase their visibility towards their specific target group through social media, paid media, native advertising, and SEO.

Eric Rosander's photo
Eric Rosander



Media Agency
Capace logo

Capace is a team of marketing experts with extensive experience in driving results through digital marketing. We’re a great partner for you if you are looking for expertise in Google Ads, Google Analytics, E-Commerce, Social Media marketing and content, Jamstack websites, and Graphic profiles.

Victor Aspehall's photo
Victor Aspehall

Marketing Team Leader

Borg Owilli

Content Agency
Borg Owilli logo

We are a one stop shop when it comes to content and distribution. We do everything from Account Based marketing, native advertising, display ads, and programmatic, to print distribution and SoMe. We frequently win both national and international competitions for our content and campaigns.

Max Lauritzen's photo
Max Lauritzen

Head of Account Based Marketing


Analytical & Digital Marketing Consultancy
NetSolutions logo

Net Solutions is a consulting company run by people closely related to educational activities at Kozminski University - a leader among European business universities according to the “Financial Times” 2022 classification. They offer comprehensive support for companies in the implementation and ongoing use of analytical systems on their websites, helping companies analyze the sequences of various activities and tools that most effectively generate conversions and leads, including Albacross, which supports B2B activities in an unprecedented way.

Jarek Sokołowski's photo
Jarek Sokołowski

Founder & CEO

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