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Chapter 1


What do marketing and sales teams have in common?
Find out here.

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Ask any marketer what’s important to them, they’re likely to say website traffic and MQLs. Ask a sales rep, they’ll say closed deals are most critical.

What’s the common ground both teams have? Revenue.

Marketers generate demand to drive revenue. Sales Reps close deals to drive revenue.

If the ultimate goal for both teams is revenue, both need to find new ways to optimize their processes to help generate more sales.

In this ebook, we’ll talk about two ways to accelerate revenue generation:

  1. Align marketing and sales teams and processes around revenue. They need to be working together as one team - a revenue team.
  2. Optimize the ways you capture demand to convert more existing traffic and generate more opportunities

These components are important but it’s not always easy to nail both. When your internal processes are clunky, it has an impact on the ability to move prospects further down the funnel.

So, what’s the secret to success? Let’s find out.

How to Capture Demand and Accelerate Revenue for Your Business

Capture more of your existing demand without spending more budget