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Chapter 5

Why you Need a Demand Acceleration Framework

Demand intelligence equals increased revenue potential. Learn more about what demand intelligence can do for marketers and salespeople.

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In the last chapter, we discussed Ideal Customer Profiles and Intent data. Both are powerful by themselves. Used together however, they take capturing demand on your website to a whole new level.

We call the collection of this data demand intelligence.

When you use demand intelligence to analyze the ICP companies on your website, you’re able to prioritize those companies

When you see that they match your ICP and show high buying intent, you’re able to narrow that prioritized list of companies even further, giving your sales team the focus they need to qualify leads.

Having this prioritized view is essential, particularly when it comes to following up with prospects.

If the maximum lead response time is 3 hours, following up in a timely manner could be the difference between converting a lead into an opportunity and losing out to a competitor who did get in touch straight away.

Of course, leveraging ICPs and intent data is all well and good when the prospect provides their contact information. But what about those prospects that stay anonymous?

A Demand Acceleration Platform like Albacross, helps you identify the companies visiting your website using IP-to-Company mapping.

Albacross provides the company names of your website visitors and other firmographic data that allows you to identify companies matching your ICP. It also gives you contact details for individuals working at those companies, as well as activity data to signify when those ICPs are showing purchase behaviours.

Having access to demand intelligence enables you to capture the unidentified demand your website is generating much earlier in the buying process. It helps you maximize the revenue potential and pipeline that would not have previously been accessible.

The best part? This framework gives you the opportunity to increase as well as accelerate revenue without spending additional marketing and sales budget. You’re simply converting more of the web traffic you’re already driving and creating more opportunities to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How to Capture Demand and Accelerate Revenue for Your Business

Capture more of your existing demand without spending more budget