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Chapter 7

The Tools you Need to Succeed

Learn what the essential tools are to capture demand and increase revenue potential on your website.

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There are certain tools you need in your marketing and sales stack in order to increase revenue potential and capture demand from your website using the framework we outlined in the previous chapter. Here we highlight what those are.

Demand Acceleration solution

You need a demand acceleration platform like Albacross which lets you:

  • See the companies visiting your website
  • Highlight target accounts that show buying intent
  • Access firmographic data on companies to effectively target your ICP
  • Access contact details of the people working at those companies to make prospecting more efficient

CRM software

Ideally, you have a central CRM where you automatically send the intent data. When your demand acceleration platform and your CRM are integrated, you’re able to add and update lead and contact information of website visitors directly in your CRM.

This gives your Sales team the intelligence they need to move prospects down the funnel and close more deals. More deals = more revenue.

This workflow also enables you to automatically fill your sales team’s pipeline with companies that have shown intent on your website. That means your sales team can prioritize leads based on engagement and make prospecting more efficient.

Outreach tool

Prospects who match your ICP and show buying intent but didn’t make themselves known to you require an actionable follow-up to get them to convert.

There’s still work to be done in order to move them further down the funnel.

The difference is you now have the intelligence needed on the prospect to craft targeted and personalized messages. Just like this email one of our SDRs used recently to book a call.

Follow-ups can be done through traditional sales outreach tools. Use the outreach tool to execute outbound sequences that combine email, voice and social.

Analytics tool

You’ll need to measure the impact this framework has on your bottom line. After all, the overall objective is to drive revenue and you need to know exactly how much extra revenue you generated. This could be achieved through your marketing automation/CRM analytics or via other analytics tools. Key metrics will be:

  • Contacts created
  • Opportunities generated
  • Value of opportunities
  • No. of customers acquired

The tools required to generate more opportunities for your sales team is paramount. But creating an effective feedback loop between marketing and sales to ensure the process works is just as important. Learn how to create seamless processes in the next chapter.

How to Capture Demand and Accelerate Revenue for Your Business

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