2022 has started with many new exciting features and improvements taking place on Albacross. We’ve listed the major new product features and integrations in this post – check them out below.

⚡️ Workflows & Integrations

New integration with Microsoft Teams

Now, sales teams can get real-time notifications about high-intent accounts on Microsoft Teams. Learn which website pages are popular among your ideal customers and catch ready-to-buy signals , leading you to know the perfect time to get in touch with them. Learn more

Google Sheets Integration

Companies with distributed sales teams, for example, can create specific dashboards to divide their target accounts by territory and get executives to contact them faster. Learn more

Improved Salesforce Record Matching

This long-awaited feature lets companies have more flexibility in mapping record matches to configure duplication checks on Salesforce.

Instead of using the website domain for matching, now it’s possible to check matching records by using all Albacross data points (e.g., country, Linkedin, etc).

The new record matching mechanism avoids duplicates and ensures data accuracy. To set it up, access your Salesforce workflow → Record Matching → Add matching field.

Export Lists to Your CRM at Any Time (Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive)

In addition to the “Real-Time” exports, now you can delay exporting leads into your CRM to specific periods as desired. This is particularly helpful when you manage data from within simultaneous tools, including Albacross.

To start using it, go to your CRM workflow → Delivery type → Delayed → choose the best time interval when you prefer to export the list.

💎 Segments & Filters

Sort Out Companies by Continent

Instead of wasting time on selecting targeted countries one by one, you can now easily filter out companies by continent.

This gets you a geographical overview of who is visiting your website and quickly assigns high-intent accounts to the pertinent sales team.

To sort out your high-intent accounts by continent, go to your Intent dashboard → Segment Filters → Add Filter → Continent → choose the continents you would like to see or not within the list.

New Email Export Changes

Besides receiving reports daily/weekly/monthly, it is now possible to have them sent to you on a specific day and time. This is useful to avoid the manual work of accessing Albacross whenever you need a new CSV file or default report.

🚀 New Products

Adobe Analytics Enrichment

Web analytics are built with B2C companies in mind. They don’t fully disclose your anonymous website traffic nor give deep insights about them.
But now you’ve got Adobe Analytics Enrichment – to provide you with account-based insights about your website traffic:

  • Improve Your Audience Reports

Get a clear picture of your website visitors and the content they consume. * Account-Based Analytics

See the website activities of your ICPs and targeted accounts. * Better Ads Campaigns & Keyword Performance

Find the keywords and ads driving the highest value traffic into your website. * Optimize Retargeting Strategies

Improve advertisements, adjust bids and exclude specific companies from campaigns.

👀 Sneak Peek: What To Expect Next?

Buckle up. The next few months are sure to be exciting! We’ll focus on improving native integrations like Salesforce and creating game-changer features to help our customers capture even more demand and accelerate revenue.

Lucia Fallavena

Lucia Fallavena

Product Marketing Manager

Passionate about SaaS and B2B marketing, Lucia is on the mission to help revenue teams thrive with Albacross.