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Drive positive ROI For ABM Campaigns

Boost ABM conversion rates targeting the audiences that matter most: your in-market buyers. Albacross spots ready-to-buy leads and turns them into new audiences within your display-advertising solution, helping you reduce CAC and drive more MQLs.

Target High-Quality B2B Audiences Faster

Save time spent on audience creation for ABM campaigns. Albacross creates new ABM audiences based on 100+ data points and intent data signals, enabling marketers to accelerate pipeline conversion while spending smarter on advertising.

Put Brand Awareness On Autopilot

Albacross instantly notifies companies when target account activity spikes. This allows them to start nurturing those leads with customized content matching their product/service interest while still in the buying window.

How Albacross helps revenue teams succeed


More pipeline created


Increase in sales opportunities compared to cold outbound


More high-intent leads captured

Go From Zero To ABM Hero
With Albacross

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  1. Identify ready-to-buy prospects visiting your
    website and looking for your solution. Build audience lists based
    on your ICP.
  2. Automatically turn your lists into brand new audiences
    within your chosen advertising solution.
  3. You’re ready to target ICP-related accounts and their
    decision-makers, raising brand awareness and
    accelerating sales.

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Intent Data For Outbound

Capture high-value accounts visiting your website that are ready to buy from you. Enable your sales team to have a better outreach process through 100+ data points to shorten the prospecting time and increase the sales conversion rate.

Intent-Driven Retargeting

Turn high-quality leads that visit your website into optimal retargeting audiences, reaching the right decision-makers with the perfect content according to their stage in the buyer journey.

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More than 10,000 companies are using Albacross
to identify their future customers

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to identify their future customers

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