The life of sales just got a whole lot easier. We’re thrilled to introduce Albacross’ latest integration with Microsoft Teams to help your sales team engage with high intent B2B buyers faster and more efficiently, and ultimately, build a high-conversion pipeline.

Read on to learn more about the benefits and how to get started.

Efficient B2B Sales Outbound is All About Timing

According to Gartner, most B2B buyers only spend 5% of their time interacting with sales, and most likely, you won’t be the only provider they are evaluating. Your sales team needs to run faster than your competitors to win over high-value accounts.

It’s not a competition for products – it is a competition for timing.

When high-value accounts visit your website and show buying intent, how quickly your sales team responds to that can make or break your conversion rates.

That’s why buyer intent data is crucial to boost revenue in 2022.

So how do you make sure that your sales seize the best moment to get in touch with high-intent accounts?

Albacross + Microsoft Teams: get notified of high-quality accounts in real-time

That’s where the new workflow for MS Teams comes into play. Similar to the Slack integration, it enables companies to:

⚡️ Be notified about high-intent accounts on Microsoft Teams

Albacross will notify you on MS Teams whenever a company that matches your segmented ICP visits your website, enabling your teams to quickly see a wide range of information about the company and get in touch.

⚡️ Build pipeline faster with personalized information

Get strategic information about high-intent accounts – company name, industry, revenue, top website activity, and more. You name it. Enable sales to directly contact decision-makers or create more effective outreach campaigns.

⚡️ Improve account-based intelligence

Set alerts to know when existing accounts or customers visit your website pages and communicate with them while they are still top of mind, improving pre and post-sales journeys.

Easily Integrate Albacross Into MS Teams

Getting started just takes 3 steps:

  1. Log into Albacross. Go to Workflows → New workflow → Microsoft Teams.
  2. Connect and authorize Albacross from MS Teams.
  3. Define channels or teams to receive the alerts and voilá! You are all set! :)

📚 For detailed instructions, check out our Help Center

It’s Time to do Demand Generation Like It’s 2022

Uncovering the companies visiting your site is crucial and must be followed by reaching out to the strategic accounts found at the right timing.

The integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to act faster on high-intent accounts, existing customers, and absolutely any website visitor you’d like to keep track of.

The considerable amount of data available to revenue teams might appear cumbersome at first, but leveraging intent leads, with the right tools in place, can be a game changer in revenue generation.

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Lucia Fallavena

Lucia Fallavena

Product Marketing Manager

Passionate about SaaS and B2B marketing, Lucia is on the mission to help revenue teams thrive with Albacross.