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Turn Website Visitors Into High-Quality Pipeline

Uncover Prospects Actively In-market
For Your Company

Albacross deanonymizes your website traffic to show high-value accounts actively in-market for your solution, even if they didn’t convert. Additionally, you’ll get 100+ key insights to convert them faster, such as industry, revenue, tech stack, and pages viewed.

Streamline Your Outreach Process

Push ready-to-buy prospects to your CRM automatically and enrich your records based on behavioral and firmographic data. Albacross offers two-way native integrations with the most popular CRM tools (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and more) so you can prioritize accounts who fit your ICP and are ready to be converted.

Say Goodbye To Ineffective Outbound

Increase sales efficiency by equipping your sales team with the right account insights inside your CRM and the tools they use daily. They’ll spend less time with cold calls and unresponsive contacts and more time prospecting buyers actively looking for a solution.

How Albacross helps revenue teams succeed


More pipeline created


Increase in sales opportunities compared to cold outbound


More high-intent leads captured

Engage In-Market Buyers
With Albacross

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  1. Uncover website leads looking for your solution.
    Create lists based on your ICP.
  2. Push website prospects into your CRM so sales
    reps can reach out to them immediately.
  3. Voila! Now sales reps can have engaging outbound
    chats and move leads down the funnel quickly.

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Sales Alerts

Receive real-time alerts when new, highly convertible accounts show interest in your product or service. Albacross notifies your teams on their daily platforms — Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, and CRM systems — enabling sales to prospect buyers actively looking for a solution.

Intent-Driven Retargeting

Turn high-quality leads that visit your website into optimal retargeting audiences, reaching the right decision-makers with the perfect content according to their stage in the buyer journey.

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More than 10,000 companies are using Albacross
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