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Chapter 2

How to Set Your Objectives for Albacross

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Like with any new platform, system or tool you onboard, outlining what you’re trying to achieve and identifying the problem you’re trying to solve is always the first step.

Customers using Albacross typically want to achieve two things:

  • Convert more of their existing website traffic;
  • Generate more qualified leads for their sales team.

To make this a reality, start by defining your current situation.

  • How much website traffic are you converting today? (Industry standard is 2%)
  • How many inbound leads are your SDRs qualifying/month?
  • What’s your monthly close rate? How many of those leads become opportunities and closed deals?
  • What’s your net new Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)?

Then, figure out how much you want to increase these figures by.

If your wider revenue goals in marketing and sales are to increase ARR by a certain percentage, assess how investing in Albacross will help you get there and use these figures to determine how much you need to increase your number of MQLs per SDR to achieve your goal.

Since, your Sales team will see the value of Albacross just as much as marketing, we always recommend you get them involved in the process early on. Depending on how you use Albacross, it may mean different levels of training for your Sales team.

We recommend that should you need to train your SDRs in the Albacross platform, you choose a select few for the pilot and roll out to the rest of the team in phases. Set yourself a deadline as part of your objectives for when all SDRs should be onboarded and using Albacross.

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