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Chapter 3

How to Get Your Sales Team on Board with Albacross

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As discussed earlier, the impact of Albacross on your Sales team will largely depend on how you use the platform and how many extra leads you’re generating per month.

It’s important that you share your objectives with your Sales Lead so they understand how many increased leads you are likely to get and what that means in terms of SDR and AE resources.

Will they need to re-prioritize how they prospect, do manual outreach and take intro meetings? Will the existing AE’s be able to handle more opportunities or will you need to hire more people?

Getting individual Sales Reps on board with Albacross is relatively simple. If you choose to integrate Albacross with your CRM, the change to everyday life for SDRs will be minimal since leads identified through Albacross will appear directly in your CRM just like any other inbound lead. The only difference is the number of leads will increase.

You’ll simply set up a segment for each SDR and they will automatically be assigned as Lead Owner in your CRM. If you integrate Albacross with Slack, your SDRs will be notified of a new lead in their own dedicated channel. Training is minimal in this case.

However, it’s also possible to give SDRs ‘Viewer’ access to the Albacross platform so they can take advantage of additional information like a more detailed view of a lead profile, activity data and access to our 400M database of contacts.

If this is the case, you’ll need to decide whether you onboard all the SDRs at once or run a pilot with a couple before rolling out to the rest of the SDR team.

If you’re not ready to integrate Albacross with your CRM, you can export the leads into several formats including Email reports or Google sheets.

This requires your Sales Reps to action the lead lists and may also mean they need to go into the Albacross platform to get the intelligence they need to follow up.

Therefore, you’ll need to show them around the platform and get them trained up on how to use it. This is something our Customer Success Team can help you with.

Sales Engagement Best Practices

  • Have members of the Sales team try out Albacross in the free trial period so they see the value themselves.
  • Have a technical team member attend meetings during the buying process, particularly if you want to integrate Albacross into your existing stack. This could be a colleague who looks after Data Analytics or a Salesforce Administrator, for example.
  • If your use case involves Sales Reps going into the Albacross platform, start training just 2-3 Sales Reps and scale afterwards.
  • Have your pilot SDRs attend the onboarding training sessions with the Customer Success Team at Albacross so they get a better idea of best practices for following up with Albacross leads.
  • Set up an SLA between marketing and sales which outlines commitments from both teams for working the leads. This should include a timeframe which the sales team must follow up on a lead by.
  • Have your Sales Reps feedback on the quality of the leads generated through Albacross on a monthly basis.

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