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Chapter 1

What is Albacross?

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What Does Albacross do?

Albacross is a lead generation and account intelligence platform. It helps marketing and sales teams identify their ideal customers visiting their website and gives them the insights they need to generate more qualified leads, make prospecting more efficient and close more deals.

For Marketers

  • It helps you identify the companies on your website that didn’t convert through form fills.
  • It helps you generate more qualified leads for your sales team.
  • It helps you recognize the ROI your website drives.
  • It allows you to track website activity to discover visitors showing buying intent.
  • It provides enriched company and contact records in your existing stack including your CRM.

For Sales

  • It provides improved sales intelligence on the accounts that visited your website in real time, directly in your CRM.
  • It reduces time spent researching prospective accounts.
  • It gives you enriched company and contact information of your ideal customers who have shown interest in your product or service.
  • It allows you to find and connect with decision makers.
  • It helps you understand your ideal customers better, enabling you to drive more targeted and personalized sales conversations.

Why Albacross?

The B2B buying journey has changed in recent years. A LOT. Most buyers self educate and research solutions online, making them anonymous for the majority of the buying cycle.

What’s more, the typical conversion rates of people who do identify themselves through form fills on your website are low. On average, only 2% of website visitors will convert.

Albacross shines the light on the anonymous research phase, helping you to identify your website visitors who match your ideal customer profile and show buying intent on your website. Once you know who these accounts are, they can be prioritized, prospected, nurtured and converted into customers.

Albacross provides the company and contact information salespeople can use to prioritize their outreach efforts based on leads identified through Albacross— leads who show high buying intent, like those who visited your pricing page or visited your site multiple times.

What Albacross is not

Albacross is not a marketing automation system, nor is it a CRM or all-in-one platform. We have created powerful integrations that allow Albacross to work seamlessly with the platforms you already use.

We know it can be difficult to maintain lots of different tools, so we’ve purposely designed Albacross to be the data source that works its magic in the background, sending intelligence that enhances your existing technology stack.

Typically our customers will connect Albacross with Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, Slack, Pipedrive, Zapier and many more. Of course, if you prefer not to integrate Albacross with other systems, that’s fine too. You can simply export the data to Email Reports, Google Sheets or similar.

Who is Albacross for?

Albacross was designed for marketing and sales professionals.

Typically, we find that marketers are interested in using Albacross to see the companies visiting their website and to generate more qualified leads and intelligence for their sales team. We predominantly see demand generation marketers getting in touch with us first who then bring in their sales team to test out Albacross in their free trial or proof of concept period.

We recommend that marketing teams bring in their sales team as early on in the process as possible to see the value Albacross can bring and to get buy-in from stakeholders.

The most common use case we see is marketers sending leads that didn’t convert on their website to the team handling outbound sales. This could be Sales Development Reps (SDRs)* or Business Development Reps (BDRs) depending on the structure of your organization.

Albacross allows them to prioritize leads who visited their website ahead of cold leads, enabling them to move leads down the funnel and into the hands of Account Executives quicker.

*Throughout this guide we’ll be referring to SDRs as the team responsible for Albacross lead management.

The Marketer’s guide to Albacross

How to use Albacross to convert more website visitors into qualified leads