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Chapter 5

How to Implement Albacross Into Your
Existing Tech Stack

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We know having the insights you need in the platforms you already use is important. We also know that for many organizations, your CRM is the glue that holds your customer interactions together.

Albacross was made to work in perfect harmony with your CRM. Here is some information to describe our integrations with leading CRMs.


Salesforce for Albacross lets you add and update account and lead information of website visitors directly in Salesforce to give your Sales team the intelligence they need to move prospects down the funnel and close more deals.

The integration enables you to automatically fill your Sales team’s pipeline with companies that have shown buying intent on your website. That means SDRs can prioritize inbound leads based on engagement to make prospecting more efficient.

In addition the integration provides:

  • Two way sync which means we add, update and enrich your data in your CRM.
  • Website activity like session duration, number of visits and which pages a lead visited directly in Salesforce.
  • The ability to create Accounts and automatically assign an Account Owner to ensure your most qualified leads are followed up on in good time.
  • User permissions for SDRs to access Albacross as a Viewer so they can access lead profiles and 400M contacts database.

Hubspot CRM

By combining Hubspot CRM and Albacross, you can automatically fill your Sales team’s pipeline with leads visiting your website. Sync company and contact information so they’re always referencing the most up to date data and view website activity to get the insights needed to close more deals.

In addition the integration provides:

  • Two way sync which means you’ll always have the most current, updated data in Hubspot. Where you had previous gaps, we’ll enrich the data.
  • Website activity like session duration, number of visits and which pages a lead visited directly in Hubspot.
  • The ability to automatically assign an Deal Owner and create deals to ensure your Sales team never miss a good fit lead again.


When an account of interest visits your website, you have a window of opportunity following that visit to make an impact. Our integration with Slack alerts Account Executives (AE) of the activity so they can reach out at the optimum time in the buyer’s journey.

Most customers will create individual channels in Slack for each AE so when an account revisits your website or shows buying intent, the Account Owner will be notified instantly.

You can also create notifications for SDRs when a lead that has matched your pre-qualification criteria visits your website. This means they can prioritize those leads ahead of colder leads they may have on their list to get in touch with.

Other Integrations

It’s not just CRMs or communication platforms that our customers connect Albacross with. Many will integrate with marketing platforms such as Marketo, Pardot and Hubspot Marketing Hub as well as sales engagement tools such as Outreach and Salesloft.

These, along with a further 500+ apps you can connect with, are all available through third-party integration tool, Zapier.

You can also use Webhooks which allows you to connect data to other tools and platforms. We commonly see customers using Webhooks to integrate Albacross with Microsoft Teams.

Data Considerations

Whichever platform you choose to integrate Albacross with, we recommend as part of the implementation process you consider these things:

  • What data do you want to gather in Albacross?
  • What data do you want to send and to which platform? What fields will you map? (i.e. company domain name, number of employees, country, region).
  • What personas are you targeting? Which job roles will you send and how many contacts per company will you send to your CRM or other platform?
  • To utilise the two way sync you’ll need to share your data with Albacross. What internal process do you need to go through with your data security team to achieve this?

Note: The set up of our integrations are usually simple but we recommend you bring in the technical person who will be responsible for implementing the integration early on in the process to make sure everything runs smoothly. (You’ll also receive technical support from Albacross).

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