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Chapter 6

How to Measure the ROI of Albacross Following Your Free Trial

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A shiny new platform is all well and good but if it doesn’t achieve a return on investment, it’s deemed a failure. You want to be able to show your stakeholders the real value that Albacross brings.

We already talked about assessing your current situation in the ‘How to set objectives for Albacross’ chapter. Let’s recap on the information you need to have to hand to be able to work out the ROI of Albacross.

Average SQL pre month per Sales Rep
Average deal size
Average number of closed deals per month
Booking rate %
Closing rate %

Let’s say your average SQL/month is 40 meetings per Sales Rep. Your average deal value us 30,000 EUR. You average 5 deals per month per Sales Rep. That’s 150,000 EUR/month.

You then go through your free trial period with Albacross. Following the results from your free trial you achieve:

5,000 leads/month
1,500 SQLs/month at a 10% booking rate which equates to 150 more meetings/month
Your closing rate is 20% which equates to 30 more deals/month

In addition to an increase in revenue, you’ll want to analyze the speed from lead to opportunity. Measure how many days it takes a lead identified through Albacross to become an opportunity and compare this against how long it takes to convert a cold lead into an opportunity.

Top tip: Make sure you move deals forward into a specific outbound pipeline to understand how many leads you have successfully converted with Albacross.

Driving demand with Albacross is not just about increasing conversion of your existing website traffic. It’s about identifying your ideal customers who show high buying intent to help you generate more qualified leads for your sales team.

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