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Chapter 4

How to Follow up on Albacross Leads

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We recommend you route the leads identified through Albacross to your SDR team. Since the prospects who visited your website didn’t convert, they present the ideal opportunity for SDRs to follow up on, with the goal of qualifying them and then passing them over to Account Executives.

We’ve established who should be responsible for following up on Albacross leads but how should they go about it?

While Albacross leads are more likely to become qualified since they hit your pre-qualification criteria as per your set up in the Albacross platform, they still need to be nurtured in the same way as any other lead.

Therefore, it’s important to set expectations with SDRs that there is still a process for these leads and that the work to qualify them still needs to be done.

Highlighting this early on, as well as providing them with recommendations on the best way to follow up with Albacross leads will help you get your SDRs on board.

We recommend you enroll Albacross leads into an outbound sequence of phone calls, emails and Linkedin messaging.

Here’s an example of the outbound sequence we use at Albacross for our Tier 1 accounts (these being our highest quality, highest value leads).

There are 15 touch points, spanning 27 days. This sequence works because it incorporates a combination of outreach tactics which gives you a good foundation to be able to test out which communication channels work for your prospects.

Note: This sequence is just a guideline. If your prospects respond positively on a certain channel, make sure you accommodate that preferred communication channel rather than try to fit them into this sequence.

For the prospects that are not ready to buy or finish the sequence without converting should be sent back to marketing for nurturing.

It’s a good idea to set a time frame for when leads will be sent back. For tier 1 accounts you may want to consider only doing so after 90 days. For less qualified leads this may be 30 days or less.

For tier 1 accounts, we recommend this sequence be executed manually so that you can personalize the communication each time using a persona-based approach.

For lower quality leads you might decide to automate some of the touch points such as the follow up and break up emails.

When it comes to communicating with Albacross leads, there is a distinctive advantage to following up on these leads vs cold leads.

You know they have visited your website and have high buying intent and you may know which technologies they are using (if this is an important factor for your product). Additionally, the activity data you previously collected also gives you insight into which topics they might want to discuss further.

You have a great opportunity to be personalized in your interactions at this point.

For example, we use an educational approach for leads who have visited our product pages (our BDRs record videos using Loom, talking about how our products can help them solve their problems). For those that visited the pricing page, we use a more direct sales approach and ask to book a meeting straight away.

Tactics for SDRs

Phone Call

With practice, sales calls can prove to be extremely effective. When your SDRs call someone at the target account who visited your website they have a chance to have a real, authentic human interaction. And this enables them to build trust and establish a relationship.

If the SDR is unable to reach the decision maker straight away, it’s important to express that people at their company have been looking at your site and that the SDR would like pointing in the right direction.


Linkedin is a great way to find, connect, and engage with prospective buyers in a more authentic way. SDRs can connect with the decision makers from your target account by revealing the contacts working there in Albacross and send them a similar message to this one.

Marketing Email Campaigns

It’s possible to route prospects who have visited your website into lists that can be uploaded to your Marketing Automation system. We recommend the leads you found to be not ready to buy when your SDRs made contact be routed back into your MA for further nurturing.

With the company and contact information you gather through Albacross, you’re able to put prospects in the most appropriate nurture campaigns.

Personalized Emails

Email is much less intrusive than calling people. In addition, without the added pressure of having to deliver the pitch over the phone, the SDRs can take the time to communicate the message better.

They can try something like this:

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