News just in. As of today, you can natively integrate Albacross with Hubspot CRM so your sales team can put their pipeline expansion on autopilot.

The native integration replaces the need to integrate via a third party and will streamline the implementation process by eliminating additional steps and custom development issues.

So, how does this integration benefit you?

Automatically send warm leads to your Hubspot CRM

Prospecting is time consuming and when your sales team is up against the clock to hit their quota, every minute is precious. This makes the collection of valuable sales intelligence for prospecting even more critical.

The integration allows you to directly send warm leads that have visited your website to your Hubspot CRM, enabling you to put your pipeline expansion on autopilot.

It also helps your SDRs to prioritize their outreach efforts on the leads that have shown an interest in your offering.

Identify your high intent leads earlier in the buying process

Much of your website traffic will not leave their contact details. This doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in what you have to offer, it simply might not be the right time. Despite this, they’re still worthy of a place in your CRM!

Buying Cycle

With the integration, you can set a sales cycle stage in Hubspot as soon as Albacross identifies a company on your website. This allows you to identify high intent leads earlier in the buying process so you can nurture them until they’re ready to buy.

Focus on ‘good fit’ leads for your business

Not all website visitors are the right fit for your business. The integration enables you to select which leads you want to send to Hubspot CRM, streamlining the management of your qualified website traffic.

You can filter and segment on your ideal customer profile in Albacross (by industry, company size and revenue, to name a few data points). That means only the most valuable leads appear in Hubspot. This is particularly beneficial for websites with a large amount of inbound traffic and is key to ensuring you don’t overload your SDRs with unqualified leads.

You can also do a manual export for one or more leads (for those that don’t necessarily match your chosen segments but that you’d like to follow up on).

Get up to date company and GDPR compliant contact information in Hubspot

Companies and contacts are constantly changing. Somebody might switch jobs, move departments or be promoted.

When a company visits your website, their activity for the session is tracked. After the visit has finished, the company information is exported to Hubspot, together with contact details for decision makers. This means you get fresh company and contact information data in your CRM.

information data in your CRM

Understand your prospects better

B2B buyers self educate, staying anonymous for the majority of the sales cycle. The integration allows you eliminate the risk of feeling unprepared for calls by learning more about your prospects ahead of time.

Combine the company and contact data from Albacross with the visit data in Hubspot to achieve a truly targeted approach. Understand your prospects goals and challenges and confirm or adapt what you think you know about them before making contact. This will help you create engaging conversations, for example, discussing an article you’ve seen them read on your blog or if they’re ready to buy, tailor your offering and value proposition.

The Albacross and Hubspot CRM integration streamlines the lead management process and allows sales reps to get in front of their future customers quicker than ever before.

Reduce the efforts spent on sales outreach

Not all your future customers look the same therefore, your sales outreach needs to be targeted. That said, outreach is resource heavy so it helps to have some level of automation for this process.

The segmentation possibilities in Albacross allow you to group your leads based on your customer profiles. The integration enables you to automatically distribute the company and contact data based on the segmentation criteria. That means when they reach Hubspot, your sales team knows exactly how to handle those leads— whether that be through email nurture campaigns, calls or highly personalized emails, depending on their level of buying intent or lead score.

Ensure your sales team don’t miss a good fit lead

The integration means you no longer need to go through the manual process of sorting leads. This not only reduces time and effort, it eliminates the risk of human error—in this case, a sales rep missing a good fit lead.

Now, you can automatically distribute the leads to Hubspot CRM, assign an owner and create tasks to ensure all your most qualified leads are followed up on.

If you’d like to see how you can put your sales teams’ pipeline expansion on autopilot, feel free to drop us a message in the chat!

For a step by step walkthrough on how to set up the integration check out our help center.

Oskar Hägglund

Oskar Hägglund

Head of Product

Oskar J. Hägglund is Head of Product at Albacross, with previous experience as a founder, designer and developer.