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Omron Optimizes Their Buyers’ Journey through Albacross Personalization & Analytics Enrichment


Ensure a personalized experience for key industries and gain in-depth B2B insights into paid ad campaigns and key account behavior.


Omron optimizes the buying journey for its two key industries through website personalization and in-depth campaign and key account analytics.


Analytics Enrichment
Personalization Enrichment


Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing





Omron is the global leader in the industrial automation business, automating production lines globally to make the lines more efficient and flexible in the variety of tasks they can perform.

To support this mission, Omron sells a wide portfolio of approximately 200,000 products globally, ranging from relays to sophisticated mobile and collaborative robots.

Given the wide product portfolio, the sales cycles differ dramatically for Omron. The relays are relatively quick and simple purchases, with many competitors offering similar products. The robots, however, are much more niched solutions, with sales cycles of up to 12 months and several stakeholder’s involvement in the buying decision.

Search for an Optimized Buyer Journey for Niche Industries

Driving demand to a product-focused website is not an easy task, and having a wide product portfolio makes it even harder.

Pim van Wetten, Digital Marketing Manager of Omron, and the marketing team need to:

  • Generate demand for all products on the website;
  • Grow revenue from its two key industries - Food & Commodities and Automotive.

How can the marketing team ensure a personalized experience for their key industries without harming the overall demand for the full product portfolio?

Website personalization was the preferred strategy to pursue - it allows to work with the existing demand, yet gives the key industries an experience tailored to their specific challenges and interest.

Since most website analytics and personalization platforms are designed for B2C, Omron sought a B2B tool to identify and enrich their website visitors to further personalize their website.

Compared to Omron’s marketing automation solution which identified and enriched only 4% of their website traffic, Albacross identified 28%, building a solid ground for the following 3 use cases.

Ensuring a Tailored Website Experience

Albacross receives IP addresses from Omron’s website, identifies the account behind the visit, and returns firmographic data points to Omron.

The firmographic data points can then be used for website personalization.

Thanks to Albacross Website Personalization, Omron is able to send firmographic data points to the personalization software Personyze, where the marketing team has set up personalized experiences that are triggered based on predefined data points, i.e., industry.

Personalizing the website helps increase engagement through:

  • Lowering the bounce rate;
  • Improving the key industrie’s session duration.

This ensures that the key industries can explore the product offering with efficiency and relevance, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

🎯 Thanks to the Albacross Reveal Script, Omron is able to personalize the website for its key industries: food and commodities, and automotive.

Enriching Ad Campaign Results with B2B Account Insights

Same as many other companies, Omron runs paid ad campaigns to drive more demand for its high-end products.

But for products like Mobile and Collaborative Robots, a broad audience reach - high impressions and more clicks - usually results in a higher ad spend rather than actual conversions.

Omron needs to use B2B metrics to see how its campaigns actually perform – Are their campaigns engaging the right accounts?

But Google Analytics, as a B2C tool, failed in providing these insights.

Albacross reveals the names, industries, and more firmographic data points of the accounts that interact with Omron’s paid ad campaigns. With this layer of insights, Omron is able to dig beyond the numbers to analyze and improve its ad strategy.

Thanks to a seamless connection to Google Data Studio, the marketing team is able to share reports of accounts that have interacted with their campaigns with their sales team.

The sales team can then craft messaging based on product interest to follow up with the accounts that have shown buying intent.

Pim Van Wetten
We have built landing pages for the two primary campaigns that we run. We also know which product pages are associated with a certain product interest. We combine these two insights to see which accounts have been behind the visits to these pages and are showing interest. Pim van Wetten - Digital Marketing Manager, Omron
🎯 Omron gains deeper insights into its advertisement performance within Google Analytics. They now see which accounts interact with their campaigns - even if they don’t convert.

Engaging Key Accounts with What Interests Them Most

Omron has identified key accounts within its key industries - not only are these accounts a great fit for the higher-end products offered by Omron but there are also great opportunities for cross-selling later in the partnership.

With this in mind, Omron set out on an account-based analytics strategy, keeping a close track of the activity of two accounts:

  1. A global player in the pharmaceuticals industry
  2. A global player in the automotive industry

Through the Albacross-enriched Custom Dimensions, Omron has created dashboards within Google Analytics to monitor the activities of their key accounts over time.

Thanks to Albacross we are able to understand what these accounts are looking at on the website, what products they are showing interest in. We have never been able to have these deep insights before.

The insights of the accounts’ activities - visit frequency, whitepaper downloads, page visits, etc. - are compiled into reports via Google Data Studio.

These reports are shared with the global and local Account Managers, tailored with the necessary insights for their work.

🎯 Omron is able to monitor key account activity - from visit frequency to whitepaper downloads - and share these insights with the Account Managers. The account activity insights are used to craft a highly relevant and engaging buying journey for the key accounts.

Higher Visitor Identification Rate: A Solid Foundation for B2B Enrichment

The identification rate of the website visitors was the crucial factor influencing Omron’s decision to partner with Albacross.

Their previous marketing automation solution was only able to enrich 4% of the website traffic with the names and industries of the accounts behind the visits.

Albacross showed an identification rate of 28% - 7 times that of the previous provider and significantly higher than other competitors evaluated.

What initially began as an exploration of an IP-to-account mapping solution, turned into an enrichment of Omron’s analytics stack - made possible by the modularity of Albacross.

When it comes to personalizing the website for key industries, analyzing ad campaigns, and key account activity, Omron doesn’t want to compromise on the identification rate of its website visitors and the ease of sharing the insights.

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