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From Lead Generation
to Revenue Acceleration

When we launched Albacross in 2014, our goal was to help marketers generate more leads for their sales team and reach their most important accounts with Account Based Marketing.

We did this by empowering them with intelligence on the companies visiting their website so they could work towards increasing their customer base. The results were great. Marketers generated more leads than ever and consistently hit their targets.

We still think lead generation is fundamental to successful marketing— that will always be in our DNA. However, we understand the intelligence we provide can be used for so much more than just generating leads. It can be used to accelerate revenue and unify teams.

Revenue Alignment Between Marketing and Sales

What’s the common goal of marketing and sales? ​Revenue.

Marketers generate demand to drive revenue. Sales Reps close deals to drive revenue.

In today’s climate, revenue is everything. Both teams need to come together to form one single revenue team, focused on creating great customer experiences that drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Albacross’ Revenue Acceleration Platform

Albacross’ Revenue Acceleration platform brings together revenue teams, helping you to accelerate the conversion to revenue cycle. The platform allows you to capture demand, accelerate the sales process and create personalized experiences across the entire buyer journey.

3 Billion Events Aggregated Monthly

Best in Class Data

We have the largest proprietary IP-to-company mapping data network globally, tracking 100M events daily. A database of this size enables us to track and identify more companies than any other data provider.

Our unique dynamic data strategy allows us to perform weekly updates to ensure you get the most current data. We use machine learning and manual quality assurance to keep records as relevant and precise as possible.

Capture More Demand and
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Amplify Your Technology Stack


We know your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms are integral to your revenue teams. We also know you don’t want to change the way you work. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to build the best native integrations in the business.

Our Salesforce and Hubspot integrations make the sending and retrieving of data seamless. We perform real time lookups to ensure records are updated instantly and duplicates non-existent. With solid workflows in place, we give your revenue teams the power to action accurate demand intelligence with precision and speed.

Agile & Modular

We give you the flexibility to pick and choose Albacross products that will help you achieve the highest possible impact, quickly. Our plug and play solutions allow you to integrate solutions into your technology stack as and when a new use case arises, ensuring you can scale with limited disruption to your business.

Albacross’ Platform of Acceleration Solutions to Power your Revenue Teams

The Albacross Revenue Acceleration Platform combines intelligence on demand, growth and sales to help you accelerate revenue for your business.

Demand Acceleration

With real-time intelligence, your marketing team can proactively capture new and existing business demand.

Use intent data to identify new business – ​Get the intelligence to pre-qualify leads and identify where buyers are in the journey based on their website activity.

Access firmographic data about a company such as name, industry, location, number of employees, revenue and tech stack, as well as activity data such as session duration, pages visited and number of website visits.

Gain account intelligence on existing customers – ​Notify Account Managers when existing customers show intent on your website. Get deeper insights on accounts which gives you the opportunity to up or cross sell and improve communication during long deal cycles.

Growth Acceleration

Our website personalization, account analytics and account based marketing solutions allow you to increase engagement and conversion rates across your website.

Personalize your website -​ Europe’s first solution that uses firmographic data to dynamically personalize your website messaging in real time, our website personalization solution allows you to create unique journey’s and reduce friction for each website visitor.

Enrich your analytics - ​Enrich your Google Analytics to identify the companies behind the session recordings. Get a better understanding of your ideal customers and behaviors they show on your website.

Target high-value accounts -​ Push targeted ad campaigns to accounts matching your ideal customer profile. Segment on firmographic attributes such as industry, location, revenue and technology stack or use an existing customer list from your CRM.

Sales Acceleration

Our sales acceleration solutions allow you to find and connect with decision makers so you can convert new business demand.

Utilize B2B Contact Data -​ Gain GDPR compliant contact details for key decision makers working at the companies who visited your website. Spend less time researching prospects and more time engaging in valuable conversations that move leads down the funnel.

Enrich your CRM - ​Get the full context on every lead, contact and account directly in your CRM. Use the information to craft targeted, meaningful outreach that blow your prospects away.

“Albacross provides enriched data on the companies visiting our website directly in our Salesforce CRM. This is hugely beneficial for our SDR team and makes prospecting far less time consuming. They get the information they need, when and where they need it.”

Christian Weisbrodt

VP Marketing,

Christian Weisbrodt

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