Through Albacross’ integration with LinkedIn Matched Audiences, B2B marketers can target high-value accounts and buying committees more effectively on LinkedIn.

STOCKHOLM— January 17, 2022. Albacross, the leading EU-based company that provides an advanced buyer intent data platform for B2B revenue teams, announces its first integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. The integration empowers Albacross’ enterprise customers to target in-market buyers much faster on LinkedIn, expanding ad reach to attract critical business decision-makers.

As a first-party intent data platform, Albacross provides 100+ intent, demographics, and firmographics signals to identify website prospects at various stages in the marketing funnel. By connecting Albacross’ insights to LinkedIn Matched Audiences, B2B marketers can target optimal audiences and build smarter, tailored content, creatives, and messaging for them on LinkedIn.

“Driving revenue through advertising has been a notorious struggle for B2B companies. To address the issue, marketers need a new approach based on building quality engagement with relevant audiences. We’re thrilled to offer marketers a seamless way to target the audiences that matter most: their in-market buyers,” said Viktor Carlsson, co-founder of Albacross.

For Albacross’ customers, this integration will offer significant value to LinkedIn, a B2B advertising leader, to gain real-time insights into how audiences engage with their website and leverage those insights to create optimal LinkedIn audiences.

“Gone are the days when advertising was uncomplicated. Nowadays, targeting the right audiences is not enough to impact revenue. That’s where intent data comes into play — to help B2B marketers spot ready-to-purchase buyers actively looking for a solution and turn them into paying customers,” said Viktor Carlsson.

The new integration can be particularly helpful in enabling account-based marketing (ABM) programs executed through LinkedIn. By leveraging Albacross’ insights to build optimal LinkedIn audiences, companies can create ads that improve brand awareness, engagement, and sales conversion.

“Account-based marketing can be very efficient to drive revenue, but it doesn’t make things easier: effective ABM strategies should engage the relevant personas based on their level of buying intent. That’s exactly what Albacross’ new integration with LinkedIn can provide,” said Oskar Hägglund, Head of Product at Albacross.

By connecting high-intent prospects to LinkedIn, Albacross helps marketers save time with audience creation while providing invaluable insights to help them build ads that fit the right audiences according to their stage within the buyer journey.

“The new integration allowed us to do cross-channel Linkedin retargeting to our ICP and put it on autopilot, reducing considerably time. The option to automatically remove audiences who no longer fit our targeting criteria helped us optimize advertising costs. Linkedin and Albacross was the missing link in our new Demand Gen engine”, said Frederic Linjfärd, Director of Growth Marketing at Planday, Albacross’ customer.

The integration also helps companies future-proof their marketing strategy, as Albacross identifies companies’ website visitors via IP addresses instead of relying on cookies, which are often ignored or rejected by online visitors.

“Advertising on LinkedIn with the integration ensures a more sustainable and “cookieless” approach for retargeting, which can secure revenue growth for companies even when cookies are completely phased out,” said Oskar Hägglund, Head of Product at Albacross.

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