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Mattias Persson

Mattias Persson


Social Zense

What made you start with using Albacross?

We used analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook and Linkedin. The problem was that none of them told us anything about the actual traffic, which companies are visiting us? What’s the value of the traffic we’re driving to our page? We wanted to understand this.

How are you using Albacross today?

We are using it in our entire team, everybody has access to it. We can see who is actually visiting our page, what they are looking at etc. We have a better insight in Albacross to use than just cold call clients, it’s so much more efficient to contact the ones that are already interested. My colleague, she is looking at this every day on a daily basis and she knows what to tell clients when calling them. It’s great, it’s wonderful.

Have you seen any results from Albacross?

We’re booking a few new sales meetings every week thanks to leads from Albacross. I’m not sure exactly how many of them that we’re succeeded to get as customers, but we can clearly see that the sales process is shorter when we contact Albacross leads, which makes the whole sales process so much more easy and also scalable.

What’s the ROI of using Albacross?

A few new customers every months for a media agency like ours, just amazing.

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