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Eric Will

Eric Will

Marketing And Communication Specialist

What made you start using Albacross?

The tool is simple, intuitive and very insightful. I use it to find leads for our salesmen. You can call it a simplified version of GA. I still use analytics but to support our account managers I find their clients on our website through Albacross and inform them of what machines the clients are looking for. We rent out machinery to the construction sector and the specific machine types are often very telling to the current stages of larger construction projects.

How are you using Albacross today?

So if a contractor is looking at many different machines it can give us clues into the fact that a contractor is at the beginning of a project while if they are looking only at “scissor lifts” (smaller lifts for tight spaces) it can tell us that they are ready to close a project or - at least - at the final stages of one.

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