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How Riwal generates leads for their Commercial Team using Albacross


Riwal provides powered access equipment such as ​aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklift trucks which enable work to be carried out at height. They have over 19,000 machines which can be bought or rented anywhere in the world and have offices in 16 countries.






Europe, Middle East, India, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan





€272 million

Annual Revenue

For over 50 years, Riwal has provided powered access equipment such as ​aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklift trucks which enable work to be carried out at height. Their machinery rental service has been key to Riwal’s international growth, and they’re using Albacross to help generate new business.

Over the past 18 months, Riwal has seen a significant uplift in their website traffic, mostly driven a combination of paid and organic. However, prior to using Albacross, their conversion rate was not matching the increase in visitors to the website— on average only 0.5-1% of the traffic was converting via forms (request a quote). There was a strong demand from the business to boost that conversion rate, turning more website visitors into customers.

However, the centralised lead management process which would enable them to turn visitors into customers presented a challenge in itself. Operating in 16 countries means Riwal’s Account Managers and local marketing teams are physically located in different countries, while the marketing headquarters is in the Netherlands.

‘The physical distance combined with the fact we have decentralized systems, one of those being CRMs, makes it difficult to implement a lead hand off process to the commercial team and in turn measure return on investment of our marketing activities and website’, explains Karel Boers, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Riwal.

Karel knew that gaining an insight on who was visiting their website and showing interest in their products and services would help them boost their conversion rate and generate leads for their commercial team which could be attributed to marketing.

‘At HQ, it’s our job to provide the local commercial teams with the training and tools they need to be successful. We set out to find a lead generation solution that would be simple to use, embrace digital ways of working and be easy to roll out to local marketing teams and Account Managers’.

That’s exactly what Albacross does for Riwal. They use the platform to:

  • Identify the website visitors that fit their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and potential opportunities for repeat business
  • Determine which visitors are likely to make a purchase based on their website activity
  • Make the hand off of leads to Account Managers a seamless process

Today, Riwal’s goal is to convert ​2% of their website traffic ​and they’re well on their way to achieving that with the help of Albacross.

After implementing Albacross in several locations in early 2020, they have been able to convert more of their website traffic into customers which in turn has enabled the international marketing department to demonstrate the real value of Riwal’s website and marketing activities that drive demand.

The 50+ Account Managers using Albacross at Riwal also see the value of the platform as they receive hot leads which they can follow up on. This is particularly important for the marketing teams who need to substantiate their support of sales. Thanks to Albacross, Riwal have generated many sales opportunities and their sales funnel is fuller than ever before.

Why Albacross?

Ease of use and accurate company and contact details

Albacross is able to give Riwal accurate company and contact information of the visitors on their website as well as the activity data of each visitor. They can access details of industry, number of employees and revenue to name a few data points. They also receive GDPR compliant contact details of the people working at the company which helps Account Managers assess who was likely to have been on their website and therefore who the best person to reach out to is.

Albacross is an intuitive platform and the functionality provides ease of use’, says Karel. Riwal uses the segmentation feature to filter leads based on their solutions, buying intent and potential repeat business.
This makes the process of handing off leads to the relevant Account Manager simple.

Riwal also filters based on their ICP and will prioritize leads in construction, energy, data center, cleaning, event and agriculture industries who are mid-size and large enterprises. This criteria is what ultimately qualifies the lead.

Once they have identified the leads that fit their ICP, they use the filtering feature to look at activity data. This helps the team understand buying intent (how likely the lead will make a purchase).

Leads showing high buying intent typically have the following criteria:

  • ‘Engaged in the Albacross platform’ (active scrolling and clicking, not a bounced visit)
  • Unconverted
  • Visited 2+ product or solutions pages
  • Returning visitor in the last 90 days
  • Traffic source is search - as our product matches their search criteria

‘The activity data functionality is really beneficial because it shows the likelihood to buy. This massively helps our Account Managers and gives them a level of prioritization for how they should follow up on the leads’, explains Karel.

Top website activity.

The activity data from a lead that has been on Riwal’s website.

In addition to identifying new leads, Riwal uses Albacross to generate repeat business. ‘Repeat business plays a big part of how we drive growth in revenue. We upload all our current customers to Albacross and use the batch tagging feature to tag existing customers. We can then track their activity and see what products and services they are viewing. This provides Account Managers with great conversation starters with contacts they already have a relationship with.

While repeat business is important, Albacross also presents Riwal with opportunities to identify new markets. All the leads which are left untagged are potential new areas of business which we may not have explored before.

Integrations to make lead hand off simple

Simplifying the lead hand off workflow in every country is essential for Riwal. As they don’t have a centralised CRM yet, they use Albacross’ integration with Webhooks to send the leads to a Google form. This provides a really simple way for Account Managers to follow up on Albacross leads.

Webhooks workflow

These workflows are automated so every time a new lead is identified, the Account Manager will receive a notification. They can then access all the information about the company including activity data to measure buying intent, as well as contact info via the Google form.

Effective onboarding with Account Managers

‘It can be difficult to align our countries and get buy in for new platforms. However, the onboarding training sessions which the Albacross Customer Success team ran for our Account Managers were a tremendous help in getting everyone on board. Following on from the training they really saw the value it could provide in generating revenue for the business’, says Karel.

I’ve been following-up on a good portion of leads coming in from the website.
I have converted several new customers from Albacross and they’re happy that
I can support their needs.

Kristian Purkær

Kristian Purkær

Account Manager, Riwal Denmark