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Yosi Dahan

Yosi Dahan



What made you start using Albacross?

We wanted a nice addition to our marketing strategy, just to understand who is visiting our website and from which company.

How are you using Albacross today?

We are currently using the track section just to see who came to our website and from which source. We’ve just been using for a very short period of time, but we aim to contact the ones coming to our page. I’ve started contacting just very few, trying to find the Marketing manager or CEO on Linkedin and then just sending an email pitching Provesource.

Have you seen any results from Albacross?

We saw that a very interesting lead had visited our website and then I went to LinkedIn and saw the person potentially interested in our product. It helped us understand that this guy might be interested in adding social proof to his website, it was a company and then we made them sign up, test our product and then they became a paying customer. I sent him the connection request link and then we exchanged some messages and then he signed up. So, it took only two or three days to get him as a customer. This was the second week were using Albacross.

What’s the ROI of using Albacross?

We got a new client the second week worth more than the price for the whole yearly annual plan. It only took us two weeks to get ROI and the sales process was only two to three days long.

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