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Carlos de Vos

Carlos de Vos


What made you start using Albacross?

First, I used another company from Holland. They were pretty expensive and I was just looking around for other similar products and then I came across Albacross. And because your product was free I decided to quit with the other company because actually their product had less functionalities and was big of a hassle.

How are you using Albacross today?

What we do with Albacross is we check the action. Actually, every day we check what companies are visiting our website, and we put them in a folder to see if we can get in touch with them. It’s easy to use and the database its a lot larger than the the Dutch company we used before. I try to find the right decision maker in the relevant leads on Linkedin. When I do find it, I start a conversation. I mean, try to get it touch with them and give a free account and let them use the platform.

Have you seen any results from Albacross?

We’ve succeeded to convert a lot of leads to customers in our plattform. I think thirty-forty, but it is difficult to know exactly the number. What’s the ROI of using Albacross? Thirty-forty new clients.

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