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Pipedrive is a CRM that helps thousands of sales teams around the world close deals worth billions of dollars each year. Albacross offers a direct integration with this tool to let you:

  • Send lead contact data to Pipedrive
  • Send lead company data to Pipedrive
  • Send custom data fields from Albacross to Pipedrive
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Slack is a leading team management and communication tool that powers thousands of companies worldwide. Albacross offers the direct integration with Slack to let you send notifications to any channel or private conversation:

  • Every time a new lead gets detected
  • Optional, if the lead passes your pre-configured filter. This way you can get notifications only when an ICP lead gets captured on your website
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Zapier offers an easy way to connect Albacross to 1300+ apps. Albacross provides Zapier Workflow to help you:

  • Export lead data to a desired place once it get detected
  • Send a notification via email, chat or another place of your choice
  • Build custom automations using Zapier built-in features
  • Export Albacross Leads contact data, like the email address, to third party tools
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Webhooks is widely used for different purposes as it offer an easy way to access Albacross data from literally everywhere. With the help of the Webhooks Workflow you can:

  • Build custom applications based on Albacross data
  • Create advanced automations
  • Use the Albacross data to enrich your own data
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