Part 1: Introduction

Who are we?

Albacross is a powerful web-based B2B lead generation platform that enables you to generate leads and get extra information on companies interested in your business including their size, revenue, industry, demographics, and contact details of their decision-makers.

Read more on our website here.

Our blog

Our blog is accessible at

Who are our readers?

IMPORTANT: Our readers are experienced business owners, startup founders, and VPs of Marketing & Sales. They run B2B companies and they’re interested mainly in opportunities for growth (revenue, traffic).

  • we don’t post content aimed at beginners
  • write content that is solely focused on quality and adding value for readers
  • focus on practical advice, actionable tips, and useful know-how about a specific topic
  • imagine the CEO of your company is reading your article, will he read and share or get bored and leave?
  • Keep these things in mind when writing for our audience:
    • Our readers are busy.
    • They have very little spare time in a day.
    • They need efficiency when reading.

What topics do we cover?

We cover a wide range of topics but focus on what business owners are most interested in. Our main topics include:

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Outbound sales strategies
  • Traffic growth and engagement tactics
  • Funnel tactics
  • Sales process
  • Demand generation
  • Marketing metrics and measurement
  • Email marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Competitive analysis/competition
  • Content marketing


Minimum length: 1,500 words, 2,000-word articles are preferred.

Every word must be valuable, and everything needs to be as clear as possible - waste no time.

Part 2: Getting started

For guest bloggers:

Please email with your title and bulleted outline.

Only the highest quality writing will be accepted.

Please review our existing articles and these guidelines carefully before submitting a post.

Here are examples of great guest posts:

Note: We retain the copyright of all material published on Albacross. A guest poster cannot republish their guest post elsewhere, it must remain unique to Albacross. We reserve the right to edit and adapt your submitted blog post and update the post in the future if needed. Albacross also reserves the right to include call-to-action to other Albacross content on the site.

Part 3: Content Guidelines


Good sources include:

  • and Pixabay for photography.
  • Your own screenshots if you’re talking about a tool/service/brand.
  • Image size: Images need to be small and load fast. Run all images through TinyPNG before adding them to the blog.


Keep Sentences Short and Sweet

  • Try and keep sentences as short and to-the-point as possible. If your sentence has lots of commas, could it be split into 2 separate sentences?
  • Definitely do not exceed more than 20 words for a sentence.

Keep Paragraphs Brief

  • Yoast will flag up red if you exceed 300 words in one paragraph. However, we want to keep them even shorter than this. 2-3 sentences in a paragraph is usually more than enough.
  • If there’s a particular line that’s very important or is making a quick statement, don’t be afraid to create a separate paragraph for it. Content Marketing blogger Neil Patel uses this ‘fast read’ technique well: see
  • The idea is that our readers can scan through the whole article in just a few minutes and still be able to get an idea of our key messages.
  • If a section would benefit from bullet points, use them!

Maintain a Friendly, Informative and Professional Tone

  • We want our articles to be jargon-free and easy to read. Keep language simple, conversational and to the point, whilst still sounding knowledgeable on your subject.
  • Imagine you’re explaining something to your company’s CEO to a colleague or friend- how would that conversation sound? If something doesn’t sound right when you read it aloud, adjust the wording to make sure it does.

Include a Heading (or subheading) as Much as Possible

  • Headings make it easy for our readers to scan articles, and find information that’s particularly relevant to them- so we want you to use them as much as possible!
  • Yoast doesn’t like more than 300 words under each heading, so you shouldn’t exceed this. But sometimes even shorter sections work well. Again, check out what Neil Patel does.
  • If you’re talking about a new service, technique, tip, step in a process or posing a new question: could it be turned into a new subheading?

Don’t Overuse the Passive Voice

  • Whilst sometimes it’s tough to avoid it, see if you can replace a passive sentence with its active counterpart.


Choose Your Keyword Before Writing

  • Your article should be carefully constructed around the main keyword.
  • This way, it will be easier to make sure the keyword is present throughout the article, rather than trying to fit it in later. The idea is to write with SEO in mind.
  • The priority, however, is still making it readable for humans - if something doesn’t sound right but works for SEO, adjust the sentence to make sure it does.

Make Sure Keyword Is Included in:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • First paragraph of the article
  • At least 3 subheadings (in a mid-long article)
  • Slug
  • As many times as possible (without sounding too repetitive) throughout the article.

Include Alt-Text for Images

  • For any images inserted into the article, include an alt-text description.
  • This should be a practical, short description of what the image is, with your chosen keyword included in the sentence.
  • Name the image file your keyword: Lead-Generation.jpg
  • Use an “alt-tag” on your image with your keyword: “Lead Generation”
  • Use an image title tag (sometimes) that is your keyword: “Lead Generation”

This is important: Only do this with one image on a page. For all other images, either use variations on your main keyword or related keywords. You don’t want all of your images/alts/titles to be the same, as this gets into keyword stuffing territory, which we don’t want to do.

Write an Awesome Meta Description

  • The meta description is what our readers use to figure out (before clicking through to the article) whether or not the post includes what they were looking for.
  • Write a short (no longer than 160 characters), succinct summary of what the article is about. Remember, we’re trying to capture our reader’s attention here and convince potential customers to click through- be creative!
  • Make sure you include your chosen keyword in the meta description too.


  • Whilst we don’t want all posts to look and sound the same, we do want to create a sense of continuity and familiarity of style for our readers.
  • Always start the article with a brief (2-3 short paragraphs max) intro. What will they learn from your post? Why should they continue reading?
  • Try and break up text with relevant, interesting images throughout the article. (Remember to add alt-text!).
  • As mentioned above, all articles must contain headings and subheadings. For the main headings, use ‘Heading 1’. Any Heading 1’s should have capitals and no full stops.
  • For a subheading use ‘Heading 2’.
  • For a heading within a subheading (maybe you’re breaking up a set of instructions) use heading 3.
  • Heading 2 and 3 should be in lowercase and no full stops.
  • Always finish the article with a brief conclusion/summary. If applicable, this is a good time to guide our readers to more useful tips/blog posts/our products.

What does Albacross do?

We enable B2B companies to capture leads even if they don’t opt-in when visiting a website.

🎬 Please watch this quick video overview of Albacross’s service

Why are we different to the competition?

Check out these blog posts to understand our offering further.

How to Use Albacross’ Tracking Tool to Find Your Hottest Leads

  • This post shows how to filter Albacross analytics data to detect the hottest and most high-value leads.
  • Albacross works by matching the IP (internet protocol) addresses of your site’s visitors with specific companies.
  • We have a huge database filled with information about tens of thousands of companies.
  • With quick filters, you can instantly filter leads with a predefined set of parameters.
  • The idea is to find companies and accounts that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).

How Albacross Gets 20+ Demos Monthly With Retargeting Emails

  • Albacross provides its users with the possibility to identify and monitor every company and potential customers that are visiting their websites.
  • This post shows how to leverage these leads and reach out to site visitors on autopilot.
  • The tool is fully integrated with Zapier, which makes it possible to transfer leads and exclude existing customers from Albacross to the outreach software.
  • With Albacross service you’ll be able to convert your website visitors into leads and boost your B2B sales.

Any questions? Get in touch: