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Albacross for Marketers

Convert anonymous website traffic into Sales opportunities

Get the data you need to generate leads for your Sales team and personalize your website

Powering leading companies’ growth

Identify and segment your ideal customers

See the companies visiting your website through our proprietary IP-company mapping database. Filter and segment on your ideal customer profile to identify the highest quality leads from your traffic who have yet to convert.

Recognize buying intent from people on your website

Track website activity to discover visitors showing buying intent. See which pages they visited and give your Sales team the insights they need to drive targeted conversations and close more deals.

“This is a platform that is simple to use and easy to roll out to Account Managers.”

Riwal uses Albacross to boost their website conversion rate and generate new leads for their commercial team which can be attributed to the marketing department.

Karel Boers

Marketing & Communications Specialist, Riwal

“Data makes the difference!”

Appello tested eleven different solutions from around the globe with Albacross coming out as best of class. They use Albacross to generate new leads and grow their agency business.

Kerstin Haas-Maierhofer

Co-founder, Apello

Personalize your website messaging

Create unique journeys for each company visiting your website with Albacross Reveal. Personalize your website content in real-time based on the visitors’ company size, industry or location.

Enrich company and contact records in your existing stack

Access enriched company and GDPR compliant contact details to get the insights you need to drive more targeted marketing campaigns and improved sales conversations. Integrate Albacross with Hubspot or Salesforce to enrich any missing data gaps.

Become the hero your Sales team needs

Identify high quality leads that have shown intent on your website and pass them directly to Sales. That means Sales can spend less time researching and more time selling. Generate more sales and increased ROI on marketing initiatives.

Integrate with your technology stack

Connect Albacross to tools in your existing stack including Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, and more. Sync data and automate workflows so you get the insights you need in the platforms you’re already using.