Searching for an alternative to Lead Forensics?

Lead Forensics helps users capture leads that visit user’s website.

However, Albacross offers many of the same features as Lead Forensics (and others) but at a fraction of the price.

For your convenience, we’ve covered all the features both tools offer regardless of the pricing plans in the table below.

Feature Albacross Lead Forensics
Lead history Up to 90 days Since code install
Total # of leads from 500/month Unlimited
Team access Unlimited
Integrations Zapier Available
Contact data
Notifications Configurable Emails,
real-time via Zapier
Export CSV, anywhere via Zapier CSV, via integrations
CMS Plugins WP, Joomla, Drupal
Support Live chat Live chat
Custom lead tagging
Targeted AMB ads campaigns

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Albacross is a more affordable Lead Forensics alternative

The most noticeable difference between these tools is that you can use Albacross for a smaller cost.

Moreso, you’ll get access to all the features Lead Forensics offers but for more than 3x lower price.

For a detailed description of Albacross plans, check out the Pricing Comparison table down below.

Integrate with thousands of apps via Zapier

Integrations with third-party software, especially CRMs, is crucial for any lead generation tool.

Lead Forensics allows you to connect with 3 solutions:

  • SalesForce
  • Zoho
  • Microsoft Dynamics

On the other hand, Albacross offers a Zapier integration, which connects the platform to thousands of tools, so you can transfer your leads where ever you need..

Zapier integration

Get real-time notifications about new leads

Albacross’ Zapier integration allows you to do more than just transfer leads.

Connect it to Slack or other company chat and get the live notifications about the new leads captured on your website.

You will never miss a lead now ;)

Real-time notifications

The other option is built into Albacross itself. You can configure email reports to come daily, weekly or monthly based on your pre-configured filter settings.

This is similar to what you can get in Lead Forensics, but also contains real-time alerts, which aren’t available in Lead Forensics.

Seamless tracking code installation to your CMS

To make the code installation process as simply as possible, we’ve prepared the native plugins for WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

Users love Albacross more than Lead Forensics

What real users say

Custom lead tagging and targeted AMB campaigns

While checking companies captured while visiting your website, you may notice some familiar names.

Some may be your partners, competitors, friends, your desired clients, etc. In Albacross you can easily tag these leads to make sure no one will approach them.

This feature isn’t available for Lead Forensics.

However, with Albacross you can do even more than that. You can set up paid ad campaigns just to B2B leads that you have tracked in your dashboard.

This way you can get the most efficient money spend with a smaller budget and high conversion rate.

Pricing Comparison

Now let’s check how much you’ll need to spend to use Albacross and Lead Forensics website tracking tool by comparing the pricing for both applications.

Premium plan         Albacross Lead Forensics
Price from €129/m from $395/m
Free Trial period 14 days 7 days
Lead history 90 days All leads
Email reports
CMS plugins
Integrations Zapier Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics
Lead contact info

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Bottom line

Lead Forensics is a great software that provides website lead capturing as well as Albacross.

It offers similar features, but misses some points and offers fewer integration options at a higher price.

Checking the other points, with Albacross you’ll get:

  • 1 extra week of trial at the lower price per month
  • Real time alerts in addition to the configurable email reports.
  • Zapier integration which opens the doors to the thousands of third-party apps
  • Native plugins for WP, Joomla! and Drupal for a smooth code installation