Searching for an alternative to Clearbit Reveal?

The choice of a lead generation software that will track visitors on your website visitors and convert them to leads can be a tough one.

So, to make it easier for you, we’ve prepared an extensive overview of a Clearbit Alternative - Albacross.
 Below you can check how Clearbit Reveal compares to Albacross Website Tracker including the plan comparison.

First, let’s look at the features both tools offer regardless of the plan tiers.

Feature Albacross Clearbit
Lead history Up to 90 days Up to 30 days
Total # of leads from 500/month Unlimited
Team access Unlimited
Integrations Zapier Available
Contact data
Notifications Configurable Emails,
real-time via Zapier
Export CSV, anywhere via Zapier Via integrations
CMS Plugins WP, Joomla, Drupal
Support Live chat Live chat
Custom lead tagging
Targeted AMB ads campaigns

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Albacross features a Zapier Integration

For any lead generation software, it’s critical to integrate with other tools, say CRMs, for seamless lead transfer.

Keeping in mind that Albacross features integration with Zapier which works in 2 ways:

  • Providing you real-time notifications about new leads visiting your website.
  • Exporting leads from your Albacross dashboard to the CMS of your choice or any other app available in Zapier

Zapier integration

That means that you can easily set up notifications for your sales team which will speed up your sales process.

At the same time, sales people or other company members are be able to transfer select leads from Albacross to your CRM in just one mouse click.

You can tag leads in Albacross

If you don’t use a CRM yet, you can also tag the leads that are stored in the Albacross dashboard to understand their current state.

Albacross custom lead tagging

Considering that historical data is limited in Albacross, you’ll still need to export leads to save them. However, the tags would be exported along with other lead info.

Use CMS plugins for easy setup of Albacross tracking code

If you are using one of these CMSs:

You can install the Albacross tracking code very simply. Just download the respective plugin/extension and provide your Client ID.

After this, Albacross will start monitoring your traffic and capturing companies that will appear in your dashboard.

ABM, What Is It?

Another thing which is not available from Clearbit is ABM advertising.

It gives you the opportunity to set up highly targeted advertising campaigns that have better efficiency and lower costs compared to regular FB and AdWords campaigns.

ABM takes into consideration the behavior of your leads that are stored in your dashboard to optimize how your ads display.

As a result, you get lower CPAs and smaller budgets.

Pricing Comparison

Now, let’s check the pricing tiers of both services to see the difference.

Premium Plan Albacross Clearbit
Price from €129/m from $500/m
Free Trial period 14 days 30 days
Lead history 90 days 30 days
Email reports
CMS plugins
Integrations Zapier Zapier + others
Lead contact info

Try Albacross Free for 2 Weeks

Bottom line

While Clearbit Reveal provides value to its users, the price is on the higher side, which makes Albacross a great alternative to Clearbit.

Moreover, if you just want to try the lead generation software, you can go with Albacross’ Free 14-Day Trial and then upgrade to the Premium plan to unleash additional features.

In addition, you can benefit from the native CMS plugins and advanced ABM campaigns to complement your sales process.