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We are all about sharing our in-house knowledge on how we use our own platform to accelerate in revenue. Check out the videos to get inside information from our own people.

Head of Sales

Learn from Becca on how she uses the platform to keep track of everything that goes on in Sales Operations. How she obtains data to optimise the customer experience. All her usage of the platform is directly linked to drive revenue.

VP Business Development

Learn from Viktor Carlsson, VP Business Development, on what makes Albacross unique and the importance of identifying buyers intent from website visitors. As well as how he uses the platform to segment leads.

Revenue Operations

Listen to Victor Naess in our Sales Operations team on how he uses the Slack integration, manages leads, assigns leads to BDRs, uses the Salesforce integration and handles Outreach. In order to optimise our Sales management.

Revenue Development Rep.

Hear from Jan our Revenue Development Representative on how he gets information on prospects, uses Albacross to handle meaningful outreach and manage his prospects during the whole sales process.