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It’s time to stop missing out on valuable leads! Sync your Albacross account with Slack to receive notifications in real time as leads hit your website. Reserve dedicated Slack channels to match specific lead segments in your Albacross account to make your sales team hyper effective at reaching out.

Automatic Syncing to Slack

Albacross sends your website leads directly to Slack and allows your sales team to deliver a personalized experience. Create filters on company level metrics like revenue, industry and employee count to define your high value leads. Then, in a dedicated Slack channel, watch as notifications pour in when someone qualifies as a high value lead for your sales team to act on.

How Does This Integration Complement Slack?

The integration provides Slack users with company-level website visitor information as well as contact information from decision makers to power your sales team.

How to get started

  • Log in to Albacross or sign up for a 14-day free trial.
  • Access Workflows
  • Click the New workflow button and choose Slack from the list of workflows
  • Click the Connect to Slack button
  • Connect and authorize Albacross from Slack
  • Go to Albacross Workflows to set up a New workflow and start sending segmented leads to the Slack channel of your choice!

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