As a marketer or sales rep, you’ve probably had some exposure to the GDPR, particularly if you’ve been involved in procuring new marketing and sales platforms into your business.

That said, it’s not always easy to understand the GDPR for the specific software solutions you’re looking to onboard.

Additionally, it’s likely your legal team will want evidence to show the new solution you want is GDPR compliant before approving it. Often, legal questions can massively slow down the buying process which isn’t ideal— you want to get started and see results from your new tool as quickly as possible!

We’re aware this scenario happens frequently and that’s why we want to help you pre-empt those GDPR questions and streamline your internal legal process when you work with Albacross.

The GDPR should not be taken lightly and we’re dedicated to being 100% transparent with how we comply so you can feel totally at ease.

In the infographic below, we explain our role in processing data, what we do to comply with the GDPR and your obligations when you work with us.

Before we get started, let’s get a few data terms straight.

Albacross GDPR

When we refer to ‘personal data’ we mean information that relates to a person that is already identified, or can be directly or indirectly identified. Names, email addresses, location data and IP-addresses (static and dynamic) can be personal data.

When we refer to ‘company data’ we mean company such as name and address, website and company telephone number. These data points do not fall under the GDPR as they are not considered personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to do to be GDPR compliant when we use Albacross?

To be compliant when using Albacross, you must obtain valid cookie and inform your visitors on your website about the use of Albacross’ Tracking Script, specifically:

  1. obtain the valid consent of your visitors to set cookies in their devices and read them;
  2. inform the visitors about the cookies that your website is using;
  3. inform the visitor about our (Albacross) use of information from the cookies set in their devices to improve our Lead Generation Service

For detailed information and help with how to do this, read our GDPR Compliance Checklist.

Yes, as mentioned above, you need to inform visitors about the use of Albacross’ Tracking Script and therefore, will need to update your privacy and cookie policy when you sign up with Albacross.

It’s easy to make this change. Just copy and paste the text from our GDPR Compliance Checklist into the relevant section of your policies (As a guide, it could go into the same section as where you state use of your Google Analytics script or other tracking tools).

Are we the data processor or data controller?

As the infographic above explains, you are the data controller as you determine the purpose and means of processing data.

Albacross is the data processor as we process data on behalf of you, the data controller. However, once we have processed your data, we store this information in our database which enables us to expand our global coverage and improve our Lead Generation Service for our customers. We then become data controllers and abide by data controller requirements.

Is Albacross data GDPR compliant?


Albacross reveals the companies visiting a website by identifying IP-addresses and matching them to company data in a proprietary database. IP-addresses may constitute personal data and therefore, Albacross (and our customers) must comply with GDPR.

Albacross also enriches company data via a third party with contact data for individuals, upon request from customers. All contact information shown in the platform has been provided by our third party data partner, Cognism.

We outline our terms for Albacross and our customers to meet the GDPR requirements in our Data Processing Agreement and Privacy Policy. If your legal team wants a signed copy, please get in touch.

What is legitimate interest and how does it work with Albacross?

The GDPR states that personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.

This means the company whose personal data you’re processing must have a legitimate interest in what you’re offering them. As Albacross identifies the companies visiting your website and provides the contact details (via our third party data partner) for the representatives of those companies that are deemed potential customers (a lead), you have legal ground to inform them about your services in order to win the lead as a customer.

The GDPR is there to protect and control the use of personal data. It is not intended to hinder business or industry but to ensure businesses consider the rights and freedoms of their data subjects.

Familiarise yourself with the rights that individuals have when it comes to personal data. Think about the contact you will have with them and ensure that it won’t affect their rights and freedom. Be mindful that in B2B Marketing, certain factors might impact interest - take into account industry, location and position at the company when you reach out to the individual.

Disclaimer: Albacross has taken the necessary action to ensure we comply with the GDPR. We have knowledge of the regulation but cannot provide legal advice on the GDPR nor be held responsible for the GDPR compliance of any of our customers.

Need help to update your policies? Check out our GDPR compliance checklist

Victor Ekelund

Victor Ekelund

CEO Albacross