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How Reply generates 60% of their sales opportunities through Albacross


Reply’s multi channel sales engagement platform automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks so sales can focus on what really matters - closing deals.






US, Canada and Ukraine


Marketing Qualified Leads


Close rate on opportunities


ROI from using Albacross

At Reply, a sales automation and engagement platform, the marketing and sales team is tasked with generating new business for the company.

Since Reply recognized only a small portion of website visitors were converting through their inbound streams, they knew they had an opportunity to convert more traffic and generate more qualified leads for their sales team.

William ​Oleksiienko​, ​SDR Team Lead at Reply​ explains, ‘We took inspiration from Guillaume Cabane, former VP of Growth at Drift who has often spoken about ‘the dark funnel’ - the complexities of the buyer journey and the lack of data and insight available on where a prospect is in their journey. We needed to find a way to illuminate the dark funnel. And that’s when we discovered website tracking as a solution’.

William’s team knew that revealing information about their website visitors would present huge potential to generate more sales qualified leads from inbound leads that didn’t convert to MQL.

That’s exactly what Albacross does for Reply’s SDRs. They use the platform to:

  • Identify if their website visitors are relevant buyers
  • Determine how much buying intent they have
  • Optimize their outreach to make it more efficient, targeted and prioritized

Reply now identify 1200 marketing qualified leads and achieve a 20% close rate on opportunities to deals won. They are generating 60% of all their sales opportunities through Albacross which means they get 11.700% ROI from the platform. Thanks to the increase in MQLs identified, Reply have decided to dedicate one SDR, Ivan Torba, to solely prospecting Albacross leads.

Why Albacross?

High quality data

Albacross is able to give Reply’s SDR team accurate company information of the visitors on their website. They find details on industry, number of employees, revenue and the technologies that the company uses, to name a few data points.

Albacross maintains good quality data thanks to its proprietary company-to-IP address database. As the data is continuously mapped, Reply are able to identify companies on their site that many other platforms can not.

“We initially went with one of Albacross’ competitors. But it soon became clear that the quality of the data wasn’t sufficient. We were hardly receiving any leads at all. After trialling Albacross and finding the data quality much higher, we switched.”

Tagging and segmentation capabilities

Reply relies heavily on the tagging function in the Albacross platform— they tag de-prioritized leads and prospective leads and also use this function to put a time stamp on when to follow up (straight away or later). This enables them to keep track of follow-up activity.

‘We use a filter “Hot Untagged Leads” which excludes already tagged leads and segments based on activity data to show buying intent (you can see all the criteria in the screenshot below). We want to follow up on the leads which are showing high buying intent first — we define this criteria as two or more visits to the site or a pricing page view.

Those leads that hit the criteria are then further segmented and prioritized based on last visit and session duration data which helps us determine who we will reach out to first. This is a really important feature because we need to know which leads have spent a significant amount of time on our website so we can get in touch with them as quickly as possible’, Ivan says.

Once Ivan has determined buying intent, he assesses whether the lead fits their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Those leads which are located in the US, Canada and Europe, in industries such as computer software, IT technology, marketing and advertising agencies with 10-200 employees, are prioritized and tagged.

Outreach optimization

With the help of Albacross to determine which companies have visited Reply’s website, as well as provide them with additional information on those particular companies, they have been able to create an effective personalized 8-step outbound sequence. Through further contact prospecting and the use of their own sales engagement tool, they send leads from Albacross 5 automated personalized emails, 1 Linkedin touch, and 2 manual personalized emails.

An example of a personalized email used by Reply:

‘I now dedicate my entire schedule to prospecting Albacross leads. My time is much better utilized because I know these leads are hot— they have already visited our website. Rather than prospect 200-300 cold leads, I can prospect 100 warm leads. I send fewer emails, find fewer leads but still get the same results. It’s a game changer’, explains Ivan.

We set a hypothesis that each of our sales reps would achieve 20 demos per month from Albacross. Our hypothesis was proven and we saw the ROI on Albacross almost instantly. We are avid users of the platform and invest much of our time and money to prospect leads we get from Albacross as it helps us generate 60% of our sales opportunities for our sales team.

William Oleksiienko

William Oleksiienko

SDR Team Lead