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How QVANTUM Doubled Its Sales Opportunities in Only 4 Months with Albacross

QVANTUM is an intuitive cloud-based platform for efficient corporate planning that supports companies of all sizes.


Find new channels and activities that help the outbound SDRs increase their efficiency and pipeline generalization.


Within only four months, the sales teams improved the demand generation processes and doubled the sales opportunities generated.


Intent Data


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Aachen, Germany

The Challenge: Accelerating Revenue for a New SaaS Product

Launched in 2018, QVANTUM enables businesses to be more efficient by optimizing corporate planning and avoiding the drawbacks of using Excel as a corporate planning tool. Their cloud-based software minimizes errors and increases the efficiency of corporate planning.

In 2021, QVANTUM wanted to increase sales velocity while scaling its demand generation efforts to support expansion plans. To achieve that, growing the sales organization and streamlining demand generation efforts turned into top priorities for the company.

Axel Pomper, Head of Demand Generation, looked into new channels and activities to help Qvantum achieve even higher conversion. It became clear that having robust first-party data platforms to build, match, and expand B2B audiences was crucial.

Intent Data: The Missing Piece for
Improved ICP Targeting

Running brand awareness and account-based targeting campaigns has been an essential piece of QVANTUM’s demand generation strategy. They used to target companies that matched their ideal buyers (ICP) on Linkedin to generate more sales opportunities and brand awareness.

It was a blast – more companies visit QVANTUM’s website through LinkedIn advertisements. But higher website traffic doesn’t translate to potential revenue growth. QVANTUM needed to see which targeted companies visited their website, to continue engaging and nurturing them.

To achieve that, QVANTUM used Albacross Segments to quickly find out who, among their visitors, were their actual ideal buyers. They used different data points such as Location, Number of Employees, and Revenue to accomplish that.

To maximize the sales efficiency and help them target the key accounts faster, QVANTUM marched one step further. They are able to target the highest buying intent by monitoring the activity of their website visitors:

Alex Pomper
We can easily find warmer leads by monitoring how people visited our website. Let’s say they first went to the integrations page, then the pricing page, and lastly, the free account page, but didn’t convert. That’s the lead we’ll address with a higher priority. Axel Pomper - Head of Demand Generation

Nurturing campaigns also benefited from the real-time buying intent data of Albacross: now it’s easier to craft target campaigns or engage with potential buyers via sales for faster conversion. “Plenty of opportunities are coming — it's impressive”, Axel said.

Optimizing the Handover to Sales through Robust Integrations

Targeting a variety of ICPs with multiple decision-makers involved, QVANTUM knew closing deals could take long. They had to scale processes and automate the handover of high intent accounts to sales.

That’s one of the reasons why they chose Albacross over competitors: the fact that Albacross had robust integrations, especially with CRMs like Hubspot, which allows companies to automatically send new prospects showing intent on their website to sales. As Axel explained, they “looked into other intent data providers like 6Sense, but they didn’t have a strong Hubspot integration. That was a deal-breaker for us.”

By integrating Albacross into Hubspot, they send new leads into their CRM automatically, which makes their outbound flow faster and smoother:

“We had a lot of traffic, but with Albacross, we could finally reveal ideal buyers on our website and their interactions with our pages. That was helpful for the outreach team — they knew exactly how to address the leads.”

QVANTUM was one of the first customers to test features related to Workflows, including being able to delay the export of lists into their CRM until they could “check for the high intent segment and prioritize,” as Axel explains.

“The number of qualified sales pipeline doubled since we started using Albacross, four months ago. Opportunities are in a promising stage and we’re excited to see the results. To stop using Albacross would be a total disaster at this point.”

Boosting Demand with the Support of a Customer-Centric Team

Intent data platforms and their integrations are incredibly dynamic and can be used in a lot of different ways. But they are only valuable if linked to a company’s specific goals.

Although Albacross is “user-friendly and easy to set up”, Axel believes the Customer Success Team was vital. “They were able to answer all my questions fast, providing a lot of information that helps to support other kinds of marketing innovation as well”, he said.

The brand awareness campaigns deliver impressions across the web to all stakeholders within the target accounts.

“There was a blind spot before we used Albacross. But within less than 24 hours of using it, the platform had already provided awesome insights into our website visitors. It will be crucial to help us expand beyond the DACH region into a global reach.”

Axel Pomper - Head of Demand Generation

QVANTUM found the optimal way to get new opportunities faster and went beyond sole KPIs to measure the engagement and acquisition of ICPs. We’re happy to support their revenue objectives.

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